I have seen amazing things

Task 1:fast reading
What amazing things has Li Qiang seen? --a thoughtpad, a waste machine and manufacturing robots.

Task 2: careful reading
After listening to the paragraphs, answer the following questions

Para 1 answer questions
1. What is the space station like?

It is an enormous round plate.
2. What was inside of the space station?

There was __ an _________of exhibition the most up-to-date inventions _________of the 31st century.

Para2 fill blanks 3. People send message by using a ____________. They just look like thoughtpad _____ metal _______. ribbons You ____the place metal band over your head, ____ clear your mind, _______ press the sending button, _____ think your message and it’s sent instantly.

Para3 True or False a.People used to buried waste in dustbins. F

b.Everything is recycled in the future, even plastic bags. T

Para4 answer questions a.Where will manufacturing take place in the future? On the space station. b. Who will do the manufacturing? Robots.

Task 3:summary
I visitthree ____of the most up-to-date inventions in the ____century. The first is 31st “thoughtpad”-- the latest __________ communication form, which is used to send________. message The second is a machine _______which swallows ________all the waste available. Our third stop shows the _______ changes that have happened to work practices.Manufacturing ____________no longer take place on the earth but on space station.

Key words
1 …think your message and the next instant it’s sent. n. 瞬间,片刻 adj.立即的,紧迫的,方便的 the instant (that) 一…就…

Instantly adv.立即地,一…就…

1.I felt instant relief after taking the medicine. adj.立即的,即刻的
2.She caught his eye for an instant. n.瞬间,片刻 3.He told me about the urgent news the instant he heard it. conj.一…就… 4.Instant coffee/noodles adj.速溶的,方便的

归纳一?就?的句型和搭配引导时间状语 从句
1.副词immediately/directly/instantly起连词作用, 引导时间状语从句; 2.名词短语the moment/the minute/the year/the hour等引导时间状语从句 3.as soon as 引导时间状语从句

4.“hardly…when…”“no sooner...than…”结构

The policeman took action____ d they heard the alarm.

c. quickly

b. presently
d. instantly

2. A giant machine, always greedy for more, swallows all the waste available. greedy adj. 贪心的,渴望的 be greedy for 对…贪婪;极想得到

n. greed贪心 a. greedy c. greedy to

adv. greedily嘴馋地,贪食地 b. greedy for d. greedily to

They are ____ b profits.

Swallow v. & n.

v. 吞下;咽下
I had a sore throat and it hurt to swallow.

v. 相信;信以为真
I found his story hard to swallow.

swallow up 吞没;耗尽

3.However, the companies have to train their representatives… n. 代表;代理人;议员 She is our sales representative in France. adj. 有代表性的,典型的 be representative of… 是…的代表,代表…

key sentences:
1.My first visit was to a space station considered the most modern in space.
Considered the most modern space____________ 过去分词短语 形式 后置定语成分。表示被动或被动已完成 做________ __________________的概念。 被修饰词为a _____________, space station 相当于which引导的定语从 句Which __________________ was considered the most modern in space。 The book,published ________(publish) many years ago, is still popular.

2.No more typists working on a typewriter or computer! No more postage or postcodes! 此句为省略句,省略了there be. there be…表示某处有(存在)某物;

“there be+名词+地点状语”;
there be句型的否定是在be 动词后加否定词。

What your future life may be like?
Suppose that….. I wonder if… I imagine that… I’m sure… Do you imagine that…? Is it likely/unlikely that…? Is it possible that…? Do you suppose that…?

Perhaps/Maybe/Possibly… Most likely… Probably…

Homework: Write a passage of at least 120 words about your opinion


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I have seen amazing things 我看到了奇妙的东西
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