A BIOGRAPHY OF ISAAC ASIMOV a story of a person’s life was written by someone.
biography n. 传记 bio(尤其供公开发表的) 个人简历 (biography的缩写) bio cards传记档案卡 bio information 传记资料 bio- 表示“生命, 生物” 之义 biophysics 生物物理学 biochemistry n. 生物化学

Glance through the passage and then find out the answers to such questions: 1.Which paragraph tells you when and where Asimov was born and died? 2. Which paragraph tells you about his education? 3. Which paragraph tells you about awards he received?

1.Which paragraph tells you when and where Asimov was born and died?
Para. 2 2. Which paragraph tells you about his education? Para. 3 3. Which paragraph tells you about awards he received? Para. 5

Careful reading:
Read para2-6 and Pay more attention to the dates and events

1920: Born in Russia



1922: _____________ Sister born
1923: Moved ______________________________ with family to New York

1929: Started ______________________________ working in the candy store
______: 1931 Started to take himself seriously as a writer

1939: ______________________________ Began having stories published
in science fiction magazines _________________________



______: Gained master’s degree in chemistry 1941
1942 : Finished working in the candy store

______________ Got married Worked as a junior chemist, 1942-1945: __________________________

Philadelphia Navy Yard __________________________
______: Got PhD in chemistry 1948 ______: Became a biochemistry teacher 1949



1950: Published his first novel. ______________________. Published I, Robot Developed three laws for robots. 1951-1953: Published the Foundation trilogy and won an award for it ______: 1953 Published first science book ______: 1958 Became a full-time writer


Event __________________________. Married for a second time

1973 : Divorced his first wife.

______: 1983 Had a blood transfusion .
Became infected with HIV. 1992 : _____________________ Died in New York

His birth and death

On January, 1920

Asimov was born in Russia. Asimov died in NY, America.

On April 6, 1992

In 1983

Asimov got an HIV infection from a blood transfusion.

Asimov’s job experiences
In 1923, In 1929, In 1942, In 1941,
he moved with his family to NY. His parents bought a candy store. his mother was pregnant with her third child. Asimov started working part-time in the store. Asimov finished working in the candy store. he joined the staff of PNY as a junior chemist. he gained a master’s degree in chemistry. he got his PhD in chemistry. he became a biochemistry teacher. he gave up teaching to become a full-time writer.

In 1948,
In 1949, In 1958,

His life as a writer
In 1931,
In 1939, In 1950, In 1953,
Asimov’s talent for writing became obvious. he had stories published in sci-fi magazines. he had his first novel published. he had his first science book published.

His most famous works of science fiction
he published the From 1951-1953, Foundation trilogy.
he published his collections of short stories, I, Robot.

In 1950,

His marriage
In 1942, he married his first wife. he divorced his first In 1973, wife and remarried.

Para 1 A talented man – a scientist and writer mystery stories 悬疑故事/怪诞小说 science books 科普书籍 history books 历史书籍 books about the Holy Bible 有关圣经的书 books about Shakespeare 有关莎士比亚的书 science fiction stories 科幻小说

Para 1 1. be best known for sth 以…最著称 2. an extraordinary imagination 超凡的想象力 3. the ability to explore future worlds 探索未来世界的能力 4. an amazing mind 惊人的智力 5. search for explanations of everything 寻求各种事物的解释

. Isaac Asimov was an American scientist and writer…
当and所连接的两个名词表示一个人的两种身份, 而实际上指的是一个人时,只在第一个名词前加冠 词,第二个名词前不加。作主语时,谓语动词用单 数。例如:

A clerk and secretary is enough for such a small office. He is a poet and novelist. The teacher and writer is her friend. The singer and dancer comes from Guangxi.


1. as a result of an HIV infection 由于艾滋病病毒感染 2. a blood transfusion 一次输血

1. run a store for 40 or so years 经营一家商店40年左右 2. at the age of nine 九岁的时候 3. be pregnant with her third child 怀了她的第三个小孩 4. working part-time 做兼职工作 out 帮助解决难题 6. gain a master’s degree获得化学硕士学位 7. a junior chemist 初级化学师

. From 1942 to 1948 he worked as a junior chemist … junior :younger , lower in rank:

senior : older , higher in rank

He is the junior employee in the firm . He is two years junior to me. He is two years senior to me. senior citizens 老人

8. get PhD in chemistry 获得化学博士学位

9. a biochemistry teacher 生化教师
10. at Boston University School of Medicine 波士顿大学的医学院 11. a full-time writer专职作家

1. have a talent for writing 在写作方面有天赋 2.take oneself seriously as a writer 认真地从事写作 take …seriously :严肃对待/认真对待 …be taken seriously by 被注重/认真对待

. …he started to take himself seriously as a writer… take …seriously :严肃对待/认真对待,例如: You can’t take her promises seriously, she never keeps her word. He takes things too seriously.
反义短语: take …for granted:想当然

take what I said seriously You should ________________________ (重视我的话) , it is good for you. takes it for granted (想当然的认为) She ___________________ that her parents should give her everything.

Para.5 1. throughout one’s life 在某人一生中 2. receive many awards 获得过很多奖 3. the Foundation trilogy 《基地三部曲》 4.the death and rebirth of a great empire 一个伟大帝国的灭亡与复兴 5. in a galaxy of the future 在未来银河系中 6. the fall of the Roman Empire 罗马帝国的衰败

7. invent a theoretical framework 创造了一种理论框架 8. one’s collection of short stories 短篇小说集 9. develop a set of three laws for robots 提出了机器人的三大“原则” 10. research into artificial intelligence 研究人工智能/从事人工智能研究

. Soon after his divorce in 1973, … divorce:n. legal ending of a marriage:离婚 vt. put an end to a marriage by law

get divorced

They got divorced last year. . She divorced her husband two years ago.

Isaac Asimov was an American scientist and who wrote around 480 books ____ writer ____ that included mystery stories, science and history books, and even books about the Holy Bible and Shakespeare. But he is best known for his science fiction stories. Asimov had both an extraordinary imagination ____ that gave him the ability to explore future worlds and an amazing mind with _______ which he searched for explanations of everything, in the present and the past.

Asimov's life began in Russia, where _____ he was born on 2 January, 1920. It ended in New York on 6 April, 1992, when _____ he died as a result of an HIV infection _____ that he had got from a blood transfusion nine years earlier.


Write a short summary of Asimov’s life in 150-200 words. Follow the steps below. 1. Look back at the timeline of Asimov’s life. 2. Underline the most important parts of his Life that made him a great writer of science fiction. 3. Begin by giving your assessment of Asimov as a writer. Then write down the important parts you have underlined. 4. Use a clear simple style as if you were writing to younger students in your school.

Sample summary
Isaac Asimov(1920-1992) was a Russian-born American writer. His family immigrated to the United States when he was three years old and settled in New York. He gained a master’s degree in chemistry and later got his PhD. After he graduated, he became a biochemistry teacher at Boston University. He was talented in writing. When he realized it, he gave up teaching and became a professional writer. In 1939, he had stories published in science fiction magazine and in 1950 he published his first novel. He was famous for his fiction stories and received many many awards. The Foundation trilogy and I, Robot are very popular with the young and adults. His works exercised great influence over other writers. Asimov had two marriages and two children. He died of AIDS in New York in 1992.

1. set aside将……放在一边; 节省或 保留 (时间,金钱)

原句 He felt happy when his boss stated that he could set aside some time for exercise. 他很开心当他老板 说他可以抽时间锻炼的时候。(B7 P13)

运用 根据汉语意思完成英文句子。 ⑴ 父亲放下报纸点了一支烟。 ___________________________ Father set aside the newspaper and lit a cigarette.

⑵ 他努力工作省下钱给他儿子上 大学。 He is working hard______________ to set aside some money for his son to go to college. _____________________________

set down写下,记下 set off开始动身(for a place) set up创立,建立,搭起 set out出发,着手做某事(to do sth.) set about doing 着手做,开始做……

2. in all 一共;总计 eg. There were sixty in all .(P14 Ex.3) There are fifteen books on the first shelf, twentyone on the second, that makes thirty-six in all. 书架的第一层有15本书, 第二层有21本, 总共是36本.

all in all 总的来说,大体而言; 总而言之; ? All in all, it has been a great success. – 总的来说,非常成功。

3. be bound to 一定会…… 例句 Who said that making a robot so much like a man was bound to cause trouble?谁说生产与人如此相 像的机器人一定会造成麻烦?

运用 根据汉语意思完成英文句子。
⑴ 他那么用功,一定会成功的。 With much hard work, __________ he is bound ____________ to succeed .

⑵ 这项新发现对于人类必定大有 用处。 The new discovery______________ is bound to be of great benefit to mankind _______________________.


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