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Using language 福建周宁一中 凌李钰 Who’s the original writer of “Satisfaction Guaranteed”? A science fiction writer More about Isaac Asimov ? He was a Russian-born American writer. ? At 3,his family immigrated to the US. ? He gained a master’s degree in Chemistry and later got a doctor’s degree. ? He has a gift for writing science fiction stories. ? He received many awards. ? His ideas about robots have great influence over other writers. ? He developed 3 laws for robots. Fast reading ? Which paragraph tells you when and where Asimov was born and died? ? Which paragraph tells you about the education? ? Which paragraph tells you about awards he received? Scanning: Read through the text and then find out the answers to the following questions: 1.What subject did Asimov teach? He taught biochemistry. 2.When did he start having stories published? In 1939. 3.How many children did he have? Two children, a son and a daughter. Multiple choices: 1. How many years did Issac Asimov work in store? A5 B 9 C 11 D 13 2. In which book did he develop a set of three laws? A. The Foundation Trilogy B. I, Robot C. In his first novel D. In his first science book. 3. What was Asimov best known for? A. His mystery stories. B. His science fiction stories. C. His science and history books. D. His books about the Bible and about Shakespeare. 4. Why could Isaac Asimov become a writer ? A A friend of his made him a writer B His parents wanted him to be a writer C He had the talent for writing D He had so many experiences in his life . Careful-reading: Read about Isaac Asimov and complete the timeline of the events in his life. Date 1920 1922 1923 Event Born in Russia. ___________. Sister born ___________________________. Moved with family to New York Parents bought a candy store. 1929 Started ___________________________. working in a candy store Mother had her third child. ____ Started to take himself seriously as a writer. 1931 1939 ________________________________ Began having stories published in science fiction ________________________________. magazines Date Event ____ 1941 1942 Gained Master’s degree in chemistry. Finished working in the candy store. Got married ________________. as junior chemist, Philadelphia Navy Yard 1942-1945 Worked _____________________________. 1948 ____ Got PhD in chemistry. 1949 ____ Became a biochemistry teacher, Boston University School of Medicine. 1950 Published his first novel. Published “I, Robot”. Developed three laws ________


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