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Unit 1
Language points

Great scientists

单词回闪 words Flashback
特征, 特性n. characteristic 科学的adj. scientific 分析vt. analyse 打败 , 战胜vt./n. defeat 专家 n.熟练的adj. expert 宣布, 通告vt. announce deadly 致命的adj. 积极的 , 肯定的.adj. positive 移动 , 运动n. movement 小心的 , 谨慎的adj. cautious 拒绝 , 抛弃vt. reject 污染 , 弄脏vt. pollute 捐献 , 贡献vt/vi. contribute challenge 向…挑战 vt.挑战n.

1. But he became inspired when he thought about helping ordinary people exposed to cholera. exposed to cholera 在句子中是过去分词用作 后置定语, 表示被动, 意为 “患霍乱的”。如: The book written(write) by LuXun is very popular. 鲁迅写的书是很受欢迎的。 The man seen(see) by us yesterday is Professor Smith. 昨天我们看见的那个人是史密斯先生。

1) Miles of sand are exposed at low tide. 2) The people of some Asian countries were exposed to the tsunami in 2004. 3) He exposed the crime to the police. 4) He exposed the plan to the newspaper.

5) The wolf opened its mouth

to ______ expose a row of sharp
teeth. expose your skin to 6) Don’t ______

the sun; your skin will be hurt.

2. So many thousands of terrified people died every time there was an outbreak. every time 在这里是连词, 引导时间状语 从句, 意为“每次, 每当”,相当于when。 Every time when I meet him, I don’t know his name. (T/F)

每次见到他, 我都不知道他的名字。

注意:the moment, the minute, the second, immediately, directly, Instantly 都可以用 作连词引导时间状语 从句, 意为 “一…..就”。如: I will give the letter to him immediately I see him. 我一见到他就把这封信给他。 They fell in love the moment they met. 他俩一见钟情。

3. The second suggested that people absorbed this disease into their bodies with their meals . absorb…..into 吸收 Water and salt are absorbed into our blood stream everyday.

absorb v.
(1) The clever boy absorbed all the knowledge.
理解, 接受 吸引(注意力, 兴趣等)

(2) The book absorbed his attention.

(3) Xinjian county has been absorbed
into Nanchang city.
使并入, 吞并

be absorbed in … 被…吸引; 专心于; 全神贯注于某事。如: He is absorbed in his book.

The little girl was absorbed in
reading (read) the story.

Suggest 这个句子里的意思是“表明”。如: The disorganized meeting suggested bad preparation. 混乱的会场表明准备工作很差。 suggest 还有 “建议”的意思, 在后文中有体现: To prevent this from happening again, John Snow suggested that the source of all the water supplies be examined.

I suggested that he should give up smoking. 我建议他戒烟。 She suggested a picnic at the weekend.

Jane suggested leaving/to leave early for the airport. Jane提议早些发去机场。 suggest 后面还可以接-ing形式或名词。如:

4. Next, John Snow looked into the source of the water for these two streets.

其次, 约翰· 斯诺调查了这两条街的水源。
look into 往…...里面看; to investigate 检查; 了解。 如: We’ll look into this matter together. 我们将一起调查这个问题。

开放思维: look around look through 环顾, 观光, 察看 看穿, 审核, 浏览, 温习

look up and down 仔细打量, 到处寻找
look after 照顾, 关心

5. In another part of London, he found supporting evidence from two deaths that were linked to the Broad Street outbreak. link A to/with B 把A与B连接; 联系 A bridge links Honggutan with/to downtown. A be linked to/with B A与B相连 Honggutan is linked with/to downtown by a bridge.

Fill in the blanks.
1. Don’t _______ expose (暴露)your skin to the sun for too long.
2. _________ Neither you _______ nor (既不…也不) he is right.

Every time (每当)I meet him, I always think of 3. ___________
the things having happened between us.

4. ________________ It seemed that (好像) she was lying.
5. Who is _____________ to blame (责备) for the mistake?

suggested (暗示) that it was going to rain. 6. It ____________
7. I suggested that he __________________ (should) give up (戒烟) smoking.


John Snow defeats king cholera
John Snow Defeats King Cholera知识点
2.John Snow Defeats King Cholera
高二英语必修五 John Snow Defeats King Cholera