Body language and Non-verbal Communication

Module 3

Body language and Non-verbal Communication

知识与 能力

Enable the students to know more about body language.

备课时间 上课时间 task-based

三 维 教 学 目 标

教学方法 过程与 方法 参看教学过程 学法指导

method, role-play method. Individual work, pair work and

group work. 情感态度 价值观 使学生进一步明确“体态 语”对人们在日常交际中了 解对方情感、思想、态度等 方面所起的作用


教学 重点 及分 析 教学 难点 及突 破

The understanding of the poorly-written reading text, especially the relationship awkwardly built up between “you” and the other people in the text, who are met by the awkward arrangement of the compilers of the textbook. Let the students know that there is both positive body language and negative body language. 教学过程

教学 环节
1. Lead in


设 计 意 图

T: Now let’s do some TPR (Total Physical Response) activities

together, I hope you will enjoy them and have fun as well. T: Ok. It’s time to take up the lesson. Please look at the screen. Let’s take a look at the following gestures: Gesture Action A handshake Meaning You welcome. are

A clap of Come on; be hand cheerful.

A V-shape May of the succeed! Or



and middle congratulations finger on success! A half-closed I am not in favor of your or I’ll your

hand with idea thumb down A wrinkling of the brow in thought or displeasure

have to refuse you. She is worried.

or a scowl Tears coming out of his eyes. He is very sad.

All smiles She on her face happy.



Waving their hands

They waving goodbye



people around. A hand He is stopping a tank.

stretched out forward with strength People


are for

jump with cheering their hands stretched open in the air. both the victory.

2 Pre-reading

1. What is the function of body language? 2. How do you find body language in our daily life? 3. How can the same body language express different feelings or ideas in different cultures?
3 Fast reading

TURE OF FALSE 4 Further reading T: We have just read a passage entitled “Showing Our Feelings”, which tells us more about body language. Now let’s read another passage in the Workbook on P66. The title of the reading text is: The Open Hand - A Universal Sign. You will be given 3 minutes to read through the text as quickly as you can, trying to get as much information from the text as possible. T: Before we come to the end of this period, let ’s take up the last item, doing the arrangement of the information under the passage on Page 67. S8: It can be dangerous to meet people you do not know. S9: Many Asian people do not usually physically touch strangers. S10: If we show an open hand, it means that we are not holding anything dangerous. S11: The right hand is usually used because it is almost the stronger. S12: People shake their hands when meeting to show that they can be trusted. S13: To show respect, people will touch their heart and mouth when greeting someone. 作 业 Homework 1. Read aloud all the reading texts in this unit.

2. Get ready to retell the two reading passages learnt in this period. 课后 反思


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