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Unit 1

Great scientists
warming up & reading

What do you know about great scientists? Try this quiz and find out who knows the most.

1.Which scientist discovered that objects in water are lifted up by a force that helps them float?

Archimedes (Greek )

2.Who used peas to show how physical characteristics are passed from parents to their children?

Gregor Mendel Czech (捷克人)

3. Who discovered radium?

Marie Curie (Polish&French)

4.Who invented the earliest instrument to tell people where earthquakes happened?


Zhang Heng (Chinese)

5.Who put forward a theory about black hole? black hole

Stephen Hawking (British)

6.Who discovered Qinghaosu? Qinghao

Tu Youyou (Chinese)

① ② ③ ④ ⑤ ⑥ ⑦

Draw a conclusion Think of a method Collect results What order Make a question do you put Find a problem them in? Analyse the results find supporting evidence

⑤Find a problem ④Make a question ②Think of a method The right ③Collect results order ⑥Analyse the results ⑦Find supporting evidence ①Draw a conclusion

John Snow defeats “King cholera”

John Snow defeats “king cholera”
What can you learn from the title? who: what:

defeats cholera

He attended her as her personal physician
Queen Victoria

What is cholera?
Name of illness Symptom(症状) cholera (霍乱) severe vomiting (呕吐) and diarrhea (腹泻) die quickly from a loss of liquid


Predict what the passage talks about The passage is mainly about:
A. why he is famous C. the cause of cholera B. his family

D. how he found out the cause
C. his personality

Read the passage quickly and find numbers and information related to

these numbers.

I. Fast—reading:

The first suggested that…multiplied

Two theories

in the air; The second suggested…
absorbed this disease into their bodies

with their meals.

In 1854

Another outbreak hit London.

500 , 10

More than 500 people had died in 10 days.

16, 37, 38 and 40 20, 21; 8, 9

These numbers in Broad Street near the water pump had many of the deaths
20 and 21 Broad Street and 8 and 9 Cambridge Street had no deaths…. They didn’t drink the water from the Broad Street pump. These families worked in the pub at 7 Cambridge Street.


John Snow's Cholera Map
16 pump 37 38 40

7 8 9

Para.1: What is the problem?
Cholera was the most deadly disease of its day. Neither its cause, nor its cure was understood.

What caused cholera?

Para.2: Make a question: Which theory is right?
Cholera multiplied in the air. A cloud of dangerous gas floated around until it found its victims. People absorbed it with their meals.

Which one do you believe more? What about John Snow?

Para.3: begin his enquiry, gather information
means ____________ investigation

using a map how?______________

What is the map used for?

What method did he use?
Public house

Many deaths happened here. A map of Broad No death happened here.


It seemed the water from the pump was to blame. What did he do next?

(Para 5) He looked into the source of the water…

(Para 6) What was another supporting evidence?
John Snow was able to announce with certainty that polluted water carried the germs.

II. Careful reading

answer the questions.
1. John Snow believed Idea 2 was right. How did he finally prove it?
A. he found a cholera outbreak B. he gathered information C. he found supporting evidence D. all the above

2. Do you think John Snow would have solved this problem without the map? Give a reason.
KEY: No. He marked on a map the exact places where all the dead people had lived. This gave him a valuable clue about the cause of the disease.

3. Cholera was a 19th century disease. What disease do you think is similar to cholera today?
KEY: SARS, AIDS, TB(肺结核) and bird-flu, because they are very serious, infectious......

Drink boiled water Wash hands often What should we pay attention to in our daily life in order not to get infected cholera? Keep with away from flies choose fresh sea food

Keep the kitchen clean
Cook raw food thoroughly deal with rubbish properly

Heat the food left overnight

1. Prepare for dictation. 2. 阅读训练第一篇(P2 passage A)


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