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Name: Vincent van Gogh Date of Birth: March 30, 1853 Occupation: Painter Death: July 29, 1890 Factions: Impressionist, performance camp ? Sex: Male
名称:文森特凡高 出生日期:1853年3月30日 职业:画家 死亡:1890年7月29日 派别:印象派,表现派 性别:男

Vincent van Gogh , Dutch painter who exemplified the idea of artist as tortured genius. His paintings are characterized by thick brush strokes, brilliant colors, and jagged lines, through which Van Gogh expressed his emotional response to his subjects rather than providing an accurate description of them. As a result he became a leader in the development of expressionism in painting.

文森特凡高,荷兰画家。他的绘画特点是厚重的笔触,绚丽的色彩, 和有锯齿线,通过它,梵高准确的描述他的情绪反应。因此,他成为了 在绘画表现的领导者。


Van Gogh's universe, can be in in the starry night. This is a kind of illusion, this illusion is spent some time accurately brush. It is bold and unrestrained, or is it like a fiery, intuition or spontaneous actions, not by the performance of the rational thought process or rigorous techniques.

凡高的宇宙,可以在《星夜》中 永存。这是一种幻象,是用花了 一番功夫的准确笔触造成的。那 是奔放的,或者是象火焰般的笔 触,它来自直觉或自发的表现行 动,幵不受理性的思想过程或严 谨技法的约束。

These simply in a vase of sunflower, presents chord shocks brilliant. Van with recoat brushworks , like in the relief sculpture on a piece of clay. Yellow and brown attune of color and techniques are full of hope and show the beautiful sunshine.
这些只是在一个向日葵花瓶,呈现出 强烈的视觉冲击。梵高用叠压的笔触,像 一块在粘土上的雕塑。黄棕色的色调和娴 熟的技术使画面充满了希望,幵展示明媚 的阳光。

Perhaps this picture of surface reflects his tragic short life and close period end of psychological state. He is a loving nature and can be seen from the simple things of pure beauty, he said he'd rather painter painted window to see from the shadows and not imagine the illusion.
也许这幅油画表面反映了他悲剧性的心理状态 以及结束短暂的一生。他是一位热爱大自然,幵从 中可以看到美丽而简单的事物,他说他宁愿画家画 从窗口看到的阴影,而不想画想像的幻觉。

After cutting self-portrait ears
In 1888, invite high Vatican's more to live with, but two stubborn artist is constant quarrels. In a severe dispute, high, and more anger, cannot stop, also can't contain his excitement, cut off his ear.
1888年,梵高邀请高更住在一 起,但两个固执的艺术家经常争吵。 在一次激烈争论中,梵高很愤怒, 幵且不能控制,也不能平复自己激 动的心情,切断他的耳朵。

The death of Vincent van Gogh, the Dutch post-Impressionist painter, occurred in the early morning of 29 July 1890, in his room at the Auberge Ravoux in the village of Auvers-sur-Oise in northern France. He suffered a gunshot wound two days earlier not far from the inn. It has been widely reported that he shot himself in the chest, wishing to end his life.



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