2020年(外研版)选修六双基限时练【7】Module 2 Section Ⅲ(含解析)

2020 年精编外研版英语资料 双基限时练(七) Module 2 Section Ⅲ
基础夯实 Ⅰ.完成句子 1.Any creature ________ ________(拥有)one of these nine rings________ ________ ________(有巨大的力量). 答案 who possesses; has great power 2.He ________ ________ ________ ________(把女儿嫁给了)a rich man. 答案 married her daughter to 3 . The old couple ________ ________ ________ ________ ________(在……方面品味相同)music. 答案 had the similar tastes in 4.He told me ________ ________(悲伤地)that his mother was very ill. 答案 with sorrow 5.You ________ ________(应该) have come earlier. 答案 ought to Ⅱ.短语填空 fix on; appeal to; ahead of; set out; be different from; in possession of 1.By March 27 the American armies were____________the entire west bank of the river. 答案 in possession of 2.The campus ____________ what it was 20 years ago.

答案 is different from 3 . She studies all the time because she wants to stay ____________ her classmates. 答案 ahead of 4.There was no doubt that the idea of camping ____________ all the students. 答案 appealed to 5. Throughout the display her gaze was ____________ the horsemen in the foreground. 答案 fixed on 6.They ____________ to undertake technical innovations in a big way. 答案 set out Ⅲ.单句语法填空 用适当的词或所给单词的适当形式填空(不多于 3 个单词) 1.________ is mentioned above, the number of the students in senior high school is increasing. 答案与解析 As 句意:正如上面所提到的那样,高中生的数 量正在增加。as 在此引导非限制性定语从句,作“正如”解,先行 词为整个主句。 2.In the past the root of this plant was said ________ (possess) magical power which could cure baldness. 答案与解析 to possess 该句为“sth. is/was said to do”句型;主 语 the root of this plant 与 possess 之间是主谓关系;这里强调的是一 个事实,因此不定式用一般式。 3.— Come on, please give me some ideas about the project.

— Sorry. With so much work ________ (fill) my mind, I almost break down.
答案与解析 filling work 和 fill 之间为主动关系,故现在分词 形式作宾补。
4.There ________ (stand) a building in front of our classroom. 答案与解析 stands there be 句型中的 be 根据意思可替换成其 他词,如:remain, live, come, stand, lie, occur, exist, follow 等动词。 这里 stand 的单复数应与后面的名词保持一致。 5.When looking ________ on those days I realized that I was very unhappy. 答案与解析 back 由 those days 和过去动词 was 可知应填 back, look back“回顾”。 6.To his ________ (sorrowful), he lost his father in an accident. 答案与解析 sorrow to one's sorrow“令某人难过的是”。 7.The other girls rushed ________ of me. I felt ashamed as I fell farther and farther behind. 答案与解析 ahead 句意:其他的女孩都冲到了我前边,我觉 得很羞愧,因为我落得越来越远了。ahead of“在……前面”。 8.It's ten years since the scientist set ________ on the work of discovering the valuable chemical. 答案与解析 out 句意:自这位科学家开始从事发现贵重化学 物质这一工作以来,已有 10 个年头了。set out“开始;着手”。 9.The opponents were in ________ (possess) of the ball for most of the match. 答案与解析 possession 句意:他们的对手在大部分比赛时间 里一直控球。in possession of“占有或控制某物”。

10.Do you have any idea of how many gold medals China won in the 16th Asian Games, ________ was hosted in Guangzhou?
答案与解析 which which 引导非限制性定语从句并在从句中 作主语。
11.After I went to college I lived there, and it was even harder to catch ________ glimpse of my father.
答案与解析 a 句意:我上了大学以后就住在学校里,更难得 见爸爸一面。catch a glimpse of“瞥一眼”。
Ⅳ.语法填空 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(不多于 3 个单词)或括 号内单词的正确形式。 Charlotte's Web (1952) by American author E.B. White has everything you like about a book. It has friendship, love, care and the 1.________ (real) of life. It is funny, serious and sad. It would make you laugh and cry and run through your minds like a hurricane and you'll never forget 2.________. The story begins when John Arable's sow (母猪) gives birth to some pigs, and he discovers one of them is a runt (发育不良的小动物) and decides to kill it. 3.________, his eight-year-old daughter Fern begs him to let it live. She names 4.________ pig Wilbur. Wilbur is very 5.________ (act) and always exploring new things. Although Fern visits him at her uncle's farm 6.________ often as she can, Wilbur gets lonelier day after day until Charlotte, a grey spider, tells him that she is going to be his friend. When 7.________ (tell) that he will be killed and eaten at Christmas, he turns to Charlotte for help. Charlotte has the idea of writing words in her web 8.________ (praise) Wilbur's excellence. Thanks 9.________ Charlotte's efforts, Wilbur

not only lives, but goes to the country fair with Charlotte and wins a prize.
Of course, things are more than that 10.________ (mention) above. If you've never read Charlotte's Web, you should!
答案与解析 1.reality 所给词在句中作谓语 has 的宾语,应用名词形式, 故填 reality“现实”。 2.it 该空所填词作 forget 的宾语,且指上文提到的这本书《夏 洛的网》,故填 it。 3.However 约翰想杀了这头猪,然而他 8 岁的女儿却求他放 了它。空格前后两句为转折关系,且空格后有逗号,故填 However。 4.the 该空填定冠词特指这头小猪。 5.active 所填词在句中作表语,表“活跃的”,应填形容词 active“活跃的”。 6.as as often as sb. can“尽可能经常……”。 7.told 所填词在句中作状语, tell 与其逻辑主语 he 为被动关 系,故用过去分词形式, when told=when he was told。 8.praising 所填词在句中为非谓语动词作状语, praise 与其 逻辑主语 Charlotte 为主动关系,故用现在分词形式作状语。 9.to thanks to“多亏了;由于”。 10.mentioned mention 与其逻辑主语 things 为被动关系,故 用过去分词形式作定语。
语篇提能 Ⅴ.阅读理解

Today many people want adventure when they go on holiday; they want a challenge and excitement. But there are other more important elements (元素;因素) they look for in their holiday. The main one is that they want to have a sense of achievement from their holiday. That is why growing numbers of today's holidaymakers are turning to eco-tourism.
Travelers who choose eco-tourism can contribute to the environment rather than destroy it; and there are more and more projects to choose from. In Antigua ( 安 提 瓜 ), guests help the endangered loggerhead turtles (海龟) by covering up their tracks against predators (天敌). In Boston, USA visitors work with the Museum of Science to create a Science Park. In Egypt, eco-tourists join in a “Green Program” for planting trees, bushes and flowers.
The most selfless eco-tourism projects can be found in England. One organization offers tourists eco-work from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and warns them that, although the work is very rewarding, it can also be demanding! Holidaymakers choose from many different types of holiday : archaeological construction (repairing and rebuilding stone walls), outdoor conservation work and so on. Those who are lucky enough to find a place on holiday are involved in productive projects, such as clearing paths, preserving plants. Sometimes the work is heavy, like cutting down weeds and rebuilding stone walls. It's rewarding, though! One visitor was challenged to

provide a stream crossing, to connect pathways on both sides. After

several days' hard effort and determination from her and the rest of

the group, there was a footbridge in place which they were able to

cross. At the end of a week's holiday, they all stood on the bridge to

have their photo taken above the stream. It was a great achievement,

a break from the usual 9—5 routine, and a_big_“plus” for the

environment. 1.According to the writer, what do people want during their


A. enjoyment C. relaxation

C. protection D. achievement 答案与解析 D 从文中第一段中“The main one is that they

want to have a sense of achievement from their holiday.”可知,人们想


2.From the third paragraph we can learn that________.

A. people can be offered a job on their eco-tour

B. people who are offered eco-work are paid by the hour

C. people feel it rewarding to join in eco-tourism projects

D. people can find interesting eco-tourism project only in

England 答 案 与 解 析 C 从 第 三 段 文 字 “Sometimes the work is

heavy,...It's rewarding,though!”可知答案。

3.The underlined phrase “a big ‘plus’” means________.

A. a great contribution

B. great progress

C. one great step

D. a pleasant thing

答案与解析 A 从文章第三段可知,人们在旅游过程中经常会


们自己动手做了一个 footbridge,并认为这是一个大的成果,因此选 A。
4 . The following projects belong to eco-tourism EXCEPT________.
A. to build a little wood bridge which is convenient for tourists B. to help rebuild the damaged walls C. to make some signs telling tourists how to protect animals and environment D. to take a stone or a rare plant away as a reminder 答案与解析 D 推理判断题。根据文章第二段所举生态旅游的 例子可知,D 项“带走石头或稀有植物作为纪念”,不属于生态旅游。 Ⅵ.阅读理解七选五 Smiles and tears are part of life. But do you find enough time for laughing? I'm not asking if you experience lots of good times. Of course, we should laugh during the happy times. __1__ __2__ But she wrote one about a more serious subject — cancer in children. The book is titled I WANT TO GROW HAIR, I WANT TO GROW UP. Erma talks with many children who have cancer and learns important lessons from them. She learns, for example, that cancer survivors (幸存者) know how they should smile at life, though they are receiving chemotherapy (化疗). __3__ Jessica's leg was cut off at the knee because of cancer. She was learning to wear a prosthesis (假肢). Jessica told about playing soccer. She hit the ball hard with her foot. The ball flew off in one direction while her man-made leg flew another way. Then the brave girl lay on the floor, laughing happily. As the saying goes, “__4__” Do you find plenty of time to laugh? You can, if you find reasons to laugh during the difficult times.

Survivors know how to laugh. If you can laugh even when you're in trouble, you will make it. Remember, laugh and the whole world laughs with you. __5__
A. We just laugh about it. B. Cry and you cry alone! C. There's a time to cry and a time to laugh. D. Erma Bombeck is known for her funny books. E. But do you also laugh during the difficult times? F. She tells about the experience of 15-year-old Jessica. G. I still remember those happy days when we were at college. 答案 1.E 2.D 3.F 4.C 5.B


Today we visit a farm. Early in the morning we met at the school gate and went to there together. The farm worker gave us a warmly welcome. Then the head of the farm showed them around. What glad we were to see the crops or vegetables growing well. At noon we had picnic lunch in the sunshine. After a short rest, we had great fun singing, dancing, and told jokes or stories. Two of us even played a game of chess. Time passed quickly. Until we knew it, we had to say goodbye to the workers.

Today we visit a farm. Early in the morning we met at the

school gate and went \to there together. The farm worker gave us a

warmly welcome. Then the head of the farm showed them around.



What glad we were to see the crops or vegetables growing well. At



noon we had ∧ picnic lunch in the sunshine. After a short rest, we
had great fun singing, dancing, and told jokes or stories. Two of us
even played a game of chess. Time passed quickly. Until we knew it,
we had to say goodbye to the workers.


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