M5U1 project 学案


Project 学案

1.对…意见一致 agree on sth. 2.什么算是/成为好朋友 What makes a good friend? 3.相处得好 get along/on well (with?) 4.对待友谊有不同的态度 have different attitudes towards/to friendship 5.感到好奇 be curious about 6.以…为基础,建立在…之上 be based on/be anchored in 7.某人有可能做某事 (sb.) be likely to do… 8.对…谨慎 be cautious about 9. 渴望做…/ 渴望得到… be eager to do/for 10.忙于做某事 be busy with sth/ be busy doing sth 11.毫不犹豫地 without pausing/hesitation 12.无论这些友谊的基础是什么 regardless of the basis of these friendships 13.不能想象没有它 can't imagine being without it 14.意味着不孤独 mean not being alone 15.介意自己一个人 mind being alone 16.最终回到火车站 end up returning to the train station 17.当天余下的时光 the rest of the day 18.依赖,依靠 rely/depend on (sb to do…/sb’s doing) 19.多亏她的帮忙 thanks to her help 20.忠诚与他人 be committed/devoted/loyal to others 21.与…争吵 have a quarrel with sb 22.说了一些关于我的残酷无情的话 make some cruel comments/remarks about me 23.即使 even if / even though 24.道歉 make an apology 25.终止我们的友谊 end our friendship 26.总之,最后 in conclusion / to conclude 27.回顾我们的生活 look back on/think back to our lives 28.最后成为、最终处于 end up III. Language focus
1.attitude n.态度,看法 have/show/take a(n) ...attitude to/towards ...对??持??态度 ①What's your attitude towards the problem? ②People here have a more relaxed attitude to their work. EX: 他对未来持积极态度。 (He has a positive attitude towards/to his future. ) 2.cautious adj.小心的,谨慎的;细心的(其后常用介词 about) 对??小心谨慎的 caution n. 小心,谨慎 .

with caution ①My nephew is a cautious investor. ②老板对许下承诺持谨慎态度。 The boss ③这些数字需要谨慎看待。 Those numbers need to be treated 3.hesitate vi.犹豫;迟疑不决;踌躇;勉强 (1)hesitate about/over sth. hesitate to do sth. (2) n.


making promises.

(is cautious about)

. (with caution)

对??犹豫 不愿做某事 犹豫,迟疑不决 毫不犹豫

①He hesitated and asked me if he could sit beside me. ②如果你有任何需要,随时电话联系我们。 If you need any help, ③She hesitated over the choice between the two dresses. ④我一旦决定要什么,我会毫不犹豫地去追求它。 Once I decide what I want, 4.respond vi.做出反应,回应;回答 ①I offered him a drink but he didn't respond. (1) respond that ... (2)response n. in response to ... make no response ②他们对这些网络谣言有何反应? How did they ③听到敲门声,她打开了门。 She opened the door 5.mercy n.宽恕;仁慈;怜悯;恩惠;幸运 have mercy on at the mercy of ... show mercy to mercy killing 对??表示怜悯 任由??的摆布 可怜,对??表示同情 安乐死 adj. 仁慈的、宽恕的 the knock at the door. (in response to) the online rumours? (respond to) 回答??;对??做出反应 回答说?? 回答;反应 作为对??的回答或反应 不作回答 . (I go after it without hesitation) . (don't hesitate to call us)

adj. 无怜悯心的 ①她请求法官对她的丈夫开恩。 She asked the judge to ②我们应该学会宽恕他人。 We should learn to others. (show mercy to) her husband. (have mercy on)

③他们在海上迷失了方向,任凭风和天气的摆布。 They have lost at sea, and weather) ④It was the merciful king that saved him from death. 6.be based on 以??为基础,以??为根据 ①这部电影以现实生活中的一件事为基础。 The movie (1)base vt. base A on B (2)basis n. on the basis of (3)basic adj. a real life incident. (is based on) 基于,以??作基础 n.基础;根据地; 底座 把 A 建立在 B 的基础上 基础,根据 在??的基础上 基本的 . (at the mercy of wind

②我们应该把理论建立在仔细研究的基础上。 We should careful research) ③我们以工作成绩作为评估一个工人的依据。 We judge a worker ④Drums are to African instruments. basic 7.regardless of 不管,不顾 同义词组 (in spite of) his performance. (on the basis of) . (base the theory on

①俱乐部对所有新成员不分年龄一律欢迎。 The club welcomes all new members ②他不顾及我在此事上的感受继续往下说。 He continued speaking feelings on the matter) 8.end up 最后成为;最终处于 v.?ing 形式 ? ? end up+? 形容词 ? ? 介词短语 . (regardless of my . (regardless of age)



We were going to go out, but (ended up watching videos) ②如果他继续这样开车,总有一天会把命都丢掉。 If he carries on driving like that, he'll

at home.

. (end up dead)

③约翰,休息一下吧。如果你继续这样工作,你可能最后会(累垮)住院的。 Take a break, John. If you continue working like this, you might (end up in hospital) 9.rely on 依赖;信赖 ①My brother can help. At least we can rely on him. rely on sb. for help rely on sb. to do sth. rely on it that ... 指望某人的帮助 依赖/信赖某人做某事 相信?? .

②现在,我们在很大程度上依赖电脑来安排我们的工作。 Nowadays, we (rely heavily on computers to organize our work) ③你放心好了,他会来见你的。 You may 10.thanks to 幸亏;由于,因为 都怪这倒霉的天气,比赛被取消了。 , the match was cancelled. (Thanks to the bad weather) thanks to, due to, owing to, because of thanks to due to owing to because of 通常突出一种感激之情,含“多亏”意味 用于较庄重的书面语中,侧重“起因于”,在句中多作表语,有时作状语 可以和 due to 换用,但在句中多作状语,也可作表语 着重某种行为的理由,在句中通常作状语 he will come to meet you. ( rely on it that) .

①他因病不能出席会议。 He couldn't attend the meeting ( because of/due to/owing to) ②多亏你的建议,我们成功了。 your advice, we were successful. (Thanks to) IV. Consolidation 一、首字母填空 1. You should do it without h____________. (hesitation) 2. I protested but she carried on r___________. (regardless) illness.

3. Be c________ about the possible dangers. (cautious) 4. People have different a__________ towards the issue. (attitudes) 5. She r_________ to my letter with a phone call. (responded) 二、语境填词 1.I ________ to him for what I did, but he wouldn't accept my ________, which made me very embarrassed. (apology) 答案:apologized; apology 2.There was a queue of ________ school children outside the theatre. They were looking forward to seeing the new play ________. (eager) 答案:eager; eagerly 3.________, I managed to stop the car just in time. It's a ________ the accident didn't happen. (mercy) 答案:Mercifully; mercy 4.Clive ________to my suggestion with a laugh. When I asked him his opinion, he made no ________. (respond) 答案:responded; response 5.She has already ________herself to working for Jim and her ________ to work is beyond question. (commit) 答案:committed; commitment

三. 介词填空 1.In response________your inquiries, we regret to inform you that we cannot help you in this matter. 答案:to 2.________a moment's hesitation, he jumped into the river. 答案:Without 3. The manager has positive attitudes 答案:towards/to 4.He was very cautious________telling us about the accident. 答案:about 5.The fans are eager________a glimpse of the singer. 答案:for 四、 单项填空 1.Nowadays, many people walk to work ________ Copenhagen Conference calling for living a the plan.

low carbon lifestyle to cope with global warming. A.in relation to C.in addition to B.in response to D.in opposition to

2.The western world should take a fair attitude ________China's criminal justice system. A.about C.towards B.for D.at

3.The girl looked at me with a________expression. Maybe the problem was quite________. A.puzzled; puzzling C.puzzled; puzzled B.puzzling; puzzled D.puzzling; puzzling

4.The voyages of travellers before the 17th century show that they were not ________ the sea even though they didn't have modern navigational aids. A.at the expense of C.in the way of B.at the risk of D.at the mercy of

5.The crowd ran out ________after two bombs exploded in the central city. A.in excitement C.in panic B.in disappointment D.in silence

6.Don't hesitate________me if you have any questions. A.asking C.to ask B.asks D.asked

7.I've always been very________about giving my address and telephone number to strangers. A.worried C.careful B.anxious D.cautious

8.We are________for the new president to make us a speech in________public. A.eager; / C.anxious; / B.eager; the D.anxious; the

9.The film is ________a novel by D. H. Lawrence. A.depended on C.come on B.based on D.put on

10.We are always warned not to act ________ what will happen afterwards. A.in the event of C.regardless of B.as a result of D.in spite of

11.Joining the firm as a clerk, he got rapid promotion, and ________ as a manager. A.ended up C.came back B.dropped out D.started off

12 . ________the wise leadership of the head of the village, the farmers have got great improvement in living conditions. A.As a result C.Thanks to B.Because D.Due of

13.Sometimes you just have to ________your own judgement. A.take on C.rely on B.agree on D.turn on

五、完成句子 1.We will continue the race, ________________________ (不管天气如何).

答案:regardless of the weather 2.Their friendship __________________ (建立在??基础之上) each other's help and support. 答案:was based on 3.Can we ______________ (指望) him to support us? 答案:rely on 4.He ________________________ (最后会入狱的) if he doesn't stop doing that. 答案:will end up in prison 5.多亏你及时警告,我避免了犯错。 ______________________________,I avoided making mistakes. 答案:Thanks to your timely warning


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