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David Copperfield is the hero of


David Copperfield,a

book which is written by famous British author Charles Dickens.

David's growth was bumpy(坎坷的) and dire ,full of twists and turned ups and downs.His father passed away before he was born.

At first he was sent to be child labor.Because he couldn't bear the unfair treatment,He ran to his aunt's home.

His great aunt sent him to school.But during the school time,he was told that his mother was dead.David was very sad and cried.

After graduating,he became a lawyer and married his teacher's daughter Dora.But soon Dora died of disease and

David leaved there with deep sorrow. ? After returning to the homeland.H e had become a famous writer and

married his great friend. Agnes.Also, David started a new life and everyone gained happiness.

What I have learned is that whenever I feel my life is unbearable,things will get better if I take efforts .We should believe ourselves and show hopeful attitude towards our future.


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