The dragon Boat Day is the festival in China which

The dragon Boat Day is the festival in China which is celebrated on May 5th in the lunar calendar.We usually eat sticky rice wrapped up in bamboo leaves on Dragon Boat Day in memory of one hermit named Qu Yuan in Chinese history, who is a poet and is respected because of his loyalty to his country. There is a long story for the origin of the Dragon Boat Day, to make the long story short, people didn't want any fish to eat Qu Yuan's corpse after he jumped into a river to commit suicide, so they cooked a lot of sticky rice to feed the fish in the river. Referring to the reason for Qu Yuan to commit suicide, it is said, Qu Yuan couldn't do anything when his country was at the point of crisis, the king didn't accept his sincere advice.

Dragon Boat Festival, Dragon Boat Festival regular, or the Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival on the Chinese calendar, held May 5. It is also known as the Fifth. Dragon Boat Festival this day, this day people eat rice dumplings, as well as dragon boat races 龙舟节,端午节经常或端午节,是一种传统的中 国节日对中华历 5 月 5 日举行。它也被称为五五。 端午节这天,这 天人们吃粽子,还有龙舟比赛


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