John Snow defeats King Cholera学案

Para.1 John Snow was an doctor in London who Queen Victoria as her personal . He thought about helping ordinary people to cholera. Though the cause and the of it were unknown, he wanted to face the and solve the problem. Para.2-3 1. What were the two theories about the cause of cholera? 2. Which did John Snow want to prove? 3. What was his method of doing the research? Para.4 1. What did he do with the results of his enquiry? 2. What valuable clue did he get about the cause of the disease? 3. What might be the cause? Para.5 1. Why did he tell people to remove the handle from the pump? 2. What happened after the handle was removed? Para.6-7 1. Where did the woman live and what did she had delivered to her house every day? 2. What did their deaths suggest? 3. What measures did John Snow take to prevent the disease from spreading? Fill in the blanks to complete the main idea of each paragraph: 1. The c________ of cholera 2. The correct or possible t_______ 3. C______ data on those where people were ill and died and where they got their water 4. M______ on a map to find out where people died or did not die 5. A______ the water to see if that is the cause of the illness. 6. Find other e_______ to confirm his conclusion 7. The p______ dirty source of drinking water was to blame for the cause of the London cholera.


John Snow defeats king cholera
John Snow defeats King cholera,阅读
高二英语必修五 John Snow Defeats King Cholera
2.John Snow Defeats King Cholera