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Unit 1 Reaching out

Language points

reach out to sb= to offer help and support to sb 自愿援助
? She set up her charity to reach out to the thousands of homeless on the streets reach : He reached for the phone and knocked over a glass. ? The wounded soldier reached (out his hand) for his gun but he couldn’t reach it. ? reach sth 够得到 ? reach (out one’s hand) for sth 伸手去拿

reach n. ? out of one’s reach / the reach of sb. ? beyond one’s reach / the reach of sb. ? within one’s reach / the reach of sb.

Article A: Students go hungry for charity
charity n. 慈善; 慈善组织, 仁慈; 救济物品 ? The Red Cross is (是一个著名慈善组织) (a famous charity.) ? These students are raising / collecting money (为慈善) by doing sponsored sports. (for charity) ? (一场慈善音乐会) is held in Shanghai every year. (A charity concert) ? judge people with charity (kindness) do sth. out of charity (generosity) ? a charity ball/ concert

Go hungry
go + adj. ? go wrong / mad/ / pale /blind/ deaf ? The idea of going grey doesn't bother me, but I'd hate to go bald. go without food:endure the lack of sth , manage without sth ? I had to go without breakfast this morning as I was in a hurry. ? How long can a human being go without food? (survive)

… for it broke a 24-hour sponsored fast. vt.
1).赞助 ? Many sports events are sponsored by Adidas. ? 有某银行资助的运动员 ? an athlete ~ed by a bank 2). 为慈善活动捐资 ? 募捐性步行, 绝食,马拉松 ? a ~ed walkathon/fast/marathon

They had all volunteered to go without food to raise funds
? ? ? ? raise funds=collect money raise a hand / hat raise one’s voice raise awareness of environmental protection/ a question/ standards ? raise animals or plants / family

They had all volunteered to go without food to raise funds for World Vision projects to help the poor in the developing countries
project n. 工程; 计划, 规划; 方案; 企业建筑工程 ? a building project 希望工程 ? The Hope Project / Project Hope 一个政治方案 ? a political project

The teacher said that the students had suggested the idea themselves, after seeing shocking pictures of famine in Africa.
shock vt/n. vt. 使….震惊 ? It shocks you when something like that happens

adj. shocked /shocking ? be shocked at sth / to do sth/ that ? We were all shocked at the news of his death. ? Neighbors were shocked that such an attack could happen in their area.

shocking adj. :that offends or upsets people; that is morally wrong ? 令人震惊的消息 ? shocking news ? 骇人听闻的行为 ? shocking behavior shock n. ? a. 休克 suffer from shock ? b. 震惊, 震动 culture shock ? It’s a shock to hear of his death.

It seems so wrong for us to have lots of food while many people in the world are starving
starve v. 挨饿,饿死 ? If these people do not get help, they will surely starve. (vi.) ? She’s starving herself to lose weight. (vt.) ? starve to death 饿死 starvation n. 饥饿 ? People in some parts of the world will die due to starvation. starving adj. 饥饿的 ? pictures of starving children

Donations of more than $24,000 have been collected.
donation n. [C.] 捐赠物(具体的东西) ? make a donation to charity ? [U.C.] 捐赠,赠送(抽象的行为) donate vt. 捐赠 ? donate blood ? 捐钱给救援机构 ? donate large sums of money to relief organizations

The students were delighted with the total amount
be happy with / be pleased with/be satisfied with be patient with/be fascinated with/be busy with/be careful with/be gentle with/be honest with/be popular with/be strict with/ be equipped with/be covered with/be filled with/ be associated with/be collected with/ be impressed with/by—be fascinated with total --totally adj. a total profit of $200,000/a total waste of time n. 总数,总额 in total

We were surprised that people were so generous.
generous adj. 慷慨的,大方的 generously adv. generosity n. opp. ungenerous, mean(小气,吝啬) ? a generous gift , offer ? be generous to sb 对人慷慨 ? be generous in giving help 乐于助人 ? It is generous of sb to do sth. ? It is generous of you to share your food with me.

Article B: Fair helps flood victims
fair n/adj. n. 集市,定期市场,商品博览或交易会 ? a world /trade / book fair adj. 公平的,合理的 unfair ? She deserves a fair trial. ? a fair wage/ price adv. fairly 相当的

Colorful signs , loud music and exciting games attracted hundred of visitors to a charity funfair.
Sign n. 招牌,标记,手势,迹象 ? road / traffic sign 她示意我离开房间 She gave me a sign to leave the room . 痛苦的迹象 signs of suffering 生命/改善的迹象 signs of life / improvement vt. 签名; 示意,做手势 ? sign a letter/ contract / cheque ? The teacher signed the students to be quiet. n. signature 签名

Early fears about the weather disappeared when the rain which had forecast failed to appear.
fail vi. a. fail to do 做某事失败 b. fail in an exam = fail the exam =fail to pass an exam c. His health / eyesight is failing =He is failing in health. 变弱,衰退 ? vt. fail in an exam = fail the exam

failure n. ? a power failure 停电 ? a heart / an engine failure ? end in failure 以失败告终 ? failure to do sth ? Failure is the mother of success.

There were over 30 stalls at the faor, which was held in aid of flood victims in SouthEast Asia
in aid of: in honor of/in memory of This concert is in aid of the Cancer Society. ? collect money in aid of charity. [U, C] 帮助; 辅助物 first aid 急救 ? teaching aids / hearing aid vt 帮助 ? aid sb in doing / with sth / to do sth

…because there was so many charity appeals these days.
appeal n. ? make an appeal to sb for sth (help, food, extra staff) ? The Red Cross are launching their appeals for funds next week b. reject one’s appeal c. The new fashion soon lost its appeal ? appealing adj. = attractive

…because there was so many charity appeals these days.
vi. a. 呼吁,恳求 ? appeal to sb for sth / appeal to do sth 向某人请求帮助 ? appeal to sb for help 呼吁….不要恐慌 ? appeal to sb not to panic b. (提出)上诉 ? She appealed to a higher court.

c.使…感兴趣 appeal to sb = attract sb. Football appeals to people of all ages.
警方呼吁人群不要恐慌 ? The police ___________not to panic. appealed to the crowd 他们呼吁向灾区送去衣物件和毛毯 ? They‘re _________clothes and blankets to send to the devastated region. appealing for

? It‘s a program designed to 主要吸引 16 to 25 year-olds. appeal mainly to

? I think 关于他的画让我感兴趣的 is the colors he uses. what appeals to me about his painting

I was amazed at their brilliant ideas.
amazed adj. 感到惊奇的 be amazed at / by / to do / that ? be ~d at / by the change in his appearance ? We were amazed that he was still alive amaze vt 使惊异 Dave amazed his friends by suddenly getting married.

amazing adj. 令人惊喜的,令人惊奇的 ? He's an amazing player to watch. ? It's amazing how often you see drivers using mobile phones. amazingly adv. ? These shoes were amazingly cheap. n. amazement ? look at sb in ~

brilliant adj. 灿烂的; 极聪明的 ? brilliant sunshine, diamond ? a brilliant scientist, musician, footballer, mind ? a brilliant achievement career,

21. astonish vt. ? be ~ed at sth / to do sth / that astonishment n. ? to one’s astonishment ? cf: surprise / amaze / shock

All her worries were forgotten as the fair was crowed with excited people enjoying themselves.
crowded adj 拥挤的,塞满的 ? a crowded bus ? be crowded with ? be filled with/ be full of

A science teacher calculated that the event had raised over $65,000
calculate: guess by using all the information available 推算,估计, 计算 ? Scientists have calculated that the world’s population will have doubled by the end of the century. ? I calculated that we will reach London at about 3pm. calculation 计算 ? a pocket calculator 袖珍计算器

Article C: Walkathon Success
success, succeed, successful [U.] Confidence is the key to success. [C.] The party was a big success. ? She wasn’t a success as a teacher. ? She wasn’t successful in teaching. ? She succeeded in getting a place in art school.

alumnus(单)—男校友,男毕业生 ? alumni(复数) (统称)校友,毕业生 ? alumna(单)—alumnae(复数) 女校友,女毕 业生

We want to purchase more books for the library.
purchase: =buy vt/ n. ? purchase a house ? Employees are encouraged to purchase shares in the firm. spend money for the purchase of the furniture 花 钱买家具 purchasing power 购买力 ? Inflation(通货膨胀)reduces the ~ of people living on fixed incomes.

...to finance more school trips
finance vt. provide money for, fund ? The project is partly ~d by the government ? The local authority has refused to finance the project finance n. ? finance for education 教育经费 ? finance company 信贷公司,财务公司 ? The finance minister / department financial adj. financially adv.

My mother agreed to sponsor me.
Do you agree to this arrangement / plan/suggestion? agree on/agree to /agree with ? on后接某事,指当事双方就某一点上达成共识 或具有相同意见。 ? The two sides have agreed on the date of negotiations. 双方商定了谈判的日期。 I agree with you / what you said / every word you have just said.

The proceeds of the day came to over $150,000.
the proceeds:the money (the profit) you make from selling sth or organizing an event. 销售或演出等的收入 ? They gave a concert and donated the proceeds to charity. ? The proceeds of the concert will go to charity. proceed v. 继续做/从事 ? 1) proceed to do sth (to continue after sth else) *She sat down and proceeded to tell me about her adventure. 2) proceed to sth (go on to the next stage) *Let us proceed to the main business of the meeting. 3) proceed with sth (to continue as planned) *His lawyers have decided not to proceed with the case.

The proceeds of the day came to over $150,000.
come to= add up to ? The number of students taking part in the sports meeting came to over 500. 1)occur to sb. 突然想到 ? It suddenly came to her that she had been wrong all along. 2)reach ? And now I will come to (= I will mention) my main point 3)become conscious 恢复知觉 ? Has he come to yet? 4) when it comes to sth/doing sth (when referring to) *When it comes to repairing a car, I know nothing.


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