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英语:高三一轮复习超级课件 Unit4《Global warming》(新人教版选修6)

? ?佳作选登 ? (2010·江西高考) ? [话题] Magic power of polite words ? [体裁] 议论文

? Magic Power of Polite Words ? We use magic words in our daily life without realizing it.These magic words,for instance“please”“thank you” “sorry”,can add luster(色彩)to our life. ? Magic words can help build friendship.They make you polite and easier to get along with, thus strengthen the relationship between you and others.

? Once you offend someone else,you can as well use these words.A word such as“sorry”will make him less annoyed. ? Try using polite words every now and then.Once you do,you will never find yourself drained of energy for life.You use polite words;in return,these words will provide you with magic power.

? ? ?

? ?经典例句 [亮词] 1.add luster to our life给生活增添色 彩 2.every now and then时而;不时 3.in return作为回报 4.provide sb with sth提供某人某物

? [典句] 1.They make you polite and easier to get along with,thus strengthen the relationship between you and others. ? 他们使你变得更有礼貌,更容易与别人相处,这 样就会加强你和他人的关系。 ? 2.Once you offend someone else,you can as well use these words. ? 一旦你冒犯了别人,你就可以用这些单词。 ? (变式)=On condition that you offend someone else, you can say “sorry” to him or her.

? 1.(2011·浙江高考)The professor could tell by the ________ look in Maria's eyes that she didn't understand a single word of his lecture. ? A.cold B.blank ? C.innocent D.fresh

? [解题指导] 句意:教授从玛丽亚眼中那茫 然的神色可以看出她一点也不懂得他的演 讲内容。本题考查形容词辨析。cold look冷 淡的神色;blank look茫然的神色;innocent look天真的神色;fresh look新的见解。 ? [正确答案] B

? 2.(2011·天津高考)He was a good student and scored ________ average in most subjects. ? A.below B.of ? C.on D.above ? [解题指导] 句意:他是个好学生,而且大 部分课程的成绩高于平均分。本题考查介 词辨析。above average高于平均水平; below average低于平均水平;on average按 平均计算。根据a good student可知D项正确。 ? [正确答案] D

? 3.(2012·安庆模拟)The President ________ giving military aid to this country. ? A.is opposed B.objects ? C.opposes D.against ? [解题指导] 句意:总统反时对该国实行军 事援助。oppose (doing) sth.=be opposed to (doing) sth.反对。如选B项应在object后加to, 如选D项应在against前加is。 ? [正确答案] C

? 4.(2012·苏州模拟)It's often less expensive to buy goods in ________ quantity,but you'd better examine ________ quality before buying them. ? A./;the B.the;/ ? C.a;the D.the;the ? [解题指导] 句意:大宗购物经常不是很贵, 但在购买之前你最好检查一下(你要买的商 品的)质量。in quantity大量地,很多;第二 空后的quality表示特指,故用定冠词。 ? [正确答案] A

? 5.(2012·海淀二模)The prices of this kind of wine ________ from ten yuan to 100 yuan per bottle. ? A.ranged B.differed ? C.changed D.separated ? [解题指导] 句意:这种酒的价格每瓶从十 元到一百元不等。range“(在一定范围内)变 动,变化”,常见搭配range from...to...或 range between...and...。 ? [正确答案] A

? Ⅰ.重点单词 ? 1. consume vt.消费;消耗→ consumer n.消费者 ? 2. random adj.胡乱的;任意的 ? 3. phenomenon n.现象→ phenomena (pl.) tendency ? 4. v.同意;捐赠;订阅 ? 5. tend v.趋向;易于;照顾→ n.倾向

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

6. consequence n.结果,后果;影响→ consequently adv .结果地 7.steady adj.平稳的;持续的;稳固的→ steadily adv.平 均地;持续地 8.existence n.生存;存在→ exist v.存在 9. advocate vt.拥护,提倡,主张→ advocator n.拥护者 10.commitment n.承诺;交托→ commit v.向??保 证 11. pollution n.污染→ pollutant n.污染物质

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

12.casualadj.随便的;偶然的→ casually adv.随便地 13.refresh vt.使恢复;使振作 contribution n.贡献→ contribute v.对??做贡 14. 献;捐献 disagreement n.分歧;不一致→ agreement (反义词) 15. 16. quantity n.量;数量 17.oppose vt.反对,反抗→ opposedadj.反对的,对立的 18.range n.种类;范围 19. glance vi.看一下;扫视 n.一瞥 20. average adj.平均的→ averagely adv.平均地

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Ⅱ.重点短语 to 1.subscribe 同意;订阅 2.keep?from escaping阻止??逃跑 3.comeabout 发生;造成 of 4.quantities 大量的 up 5.go 涨价;上涨 up 6.warm 使??变暖 up 7.build 逐步建立

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

8. on behalf of代表 9. on the whole大体上;基本上 10. make a difference有影响;起作用 11.put up with容忍 up for弥补 12.make out 执行;实行 13.carry so 14.and on等等

? Ⅲ.重点句型

There is no doubt that ? 1. the earth is becoming warmer (see
? Graph 1) and that it is human activity that has caused this


global warming rather than a random but natural

? 毫无疑问,地球正变得更加暖和(见图表1)而且全球转暖是人为的,而 不是随意的自然现象。 ? 2.It is OK to leave an electrical appliance on ? you are using it - if not ,turn it off!

so long as

? 只要你在使用电器设备,你便可以把它开着。如果不用就把它关掉!

? 3. It takes a lot of energy to make things from new ? materials ,so,if you can,buy things made from recycled materials.

? 将新材料做成物品需要许多能量,因而, 如果有可能请购买用回收材料制成的物品。

? ? ? ?

1.quantity n. 量;数量;大量 in quantity=in large amounts大量地 a large/small quantity of大/少量的 quantities of 大量,许多

? ①There is only a small quantity of flowers left in the garden.花园里只剩下少量的花了。 ? ②It's cheaper to buy goods in quantity/in large quantities.大批量购货较便宜。 ? ③Quantities of arms were discovered hidden in the trucks. ? 卡车上发现藏有大量的武器。

? ? ? ? ? ?

2.oppose vt. 反对;反抗 be opposed to反对?? oppose doing sth.反对做某事 object to反对?? ①I would oppose changing the law. 我将反对改变这个法规。

? ②We are firmly opposed to the practice of power politics between nations. ? 我们坚决反对国与国之间实行强权政治。 ? ③I object to being spoken to like that. ? 我不喜欢别人那样对我说话。

? 3.average n. 平均 adj. 平均的 vt. 均分

? ①His performance is above the average. ? 他的成绩在一般水平之上。 ? ②Our expenses averaged out to 45 dollars per day. ? 我们的支出平均每天四十五美元。 ? ③On average men smoke more cigarettes than women. ? 平均来看,男子比女子吸烟多。 ? ④There's nothing special about him;he's only average.

? ? ? ? ?

4.result in 导致 result from...由??造成;因??而产生 as a result of...由于??的结果 as a result结果 without result没有结果;白费

? ①These measures resulted in a great victory. ? 由于采取了这些措施,结果打了一场大胜 仗。

? ? ? ?

②He was late as a result of the traffic jam. 由于交通阻塞,他迟到了。 ③Sickness often results from eating too much. 疾病往往因吃得太多而引起。

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

5.come about 发生;造成 come across偶遇;穿越 come down降下;减轻;传下来 come out出来;出版 come up被提出;出现 come up with提出 come to达到;到达;共计 come on快点;加油;得了吧

? ①Can you tell me how the car accident came about? ? 你能告诉我车祸是怎样发生的吗? ? ②When is his new novel coming out? ? 他的新小说何时出版? ? ③Come on,we'll be late! ? 快点儿,我们要迟到了!

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

6.so long as=as long as 只要 at (the) longest最长,顶多?? in the long run终于,从长远角度来看 as long as只要,长达?? no longer=not...any longer不再?? so long再见 before long不久以后 long before很久以前 long after在??以后很久

? for long长久地 ? long ago很久以前 ? long since很久以前,很久以来

? ①As long as you drive carefully,you will be very safe. ? 如果你开车小心,你就会很安全。 ? ②So long as you finish your homework on time,you can watch TV.只要你按时完成作 业,你可以看电视。 ? ③They haven't seen each other for long.他们 很久没见面了。

? 1.(2012·天津一模)When I ________ a good article in reading newspapers,I often want to cut and keep it. ? A.come about B.come through ? C.come to D.come across ? 解析:come across 偶然碰到;come about发 生;come to苏醒。 ? 答案:D

? 2.It matters little who does it ________ it is done. ? A.as far as B.if only ? C.in condition D.as long as ? 解析:as/so long as 只要,引导条件状语从 句。 ? 答案:D

? 3.(2012·长沙月考)As you know,our school library has ________ of books. ? A.a good many B.many ? C.a large amount D.a large quantity ? 解析:a large quantity of“许多;大量”修 饰可数名词复数和不可数名词。 ? 答案:D

? 4.Please tell me how the project collapse ________.I'm still in the dark. ? A.came out B.came about ? C.was broken down D.was broken out ? 解析:come about偶然发生 ? 答案:B

? 5.(2011·合肥模拟)Much new and high technology has been introduced from America, thus ________ great increase in production of the company. ? A.resulting in B.resulted in ? C.resulting from D.resulted from ? 解析:result in导致;用其现在分词形式作 状语。 ? 答案:A

? 6.We strongly ________ your decision to go abroad at this time of danger.It is not a wise decision. ? A.approve B.insist ? C.oppose D.appreciate ? 解析:oppose 反对;approve支持;insist坚 持要求;appreciate欣赏感激。 ? 答案:C

? There is no doubt that the earth is becoming warmer (see Graph 1) and that it is human activity that has caused this global warming rather than a random but natural phenomenon. ? 毫无疑问,地球正变得更加暖和(见图 1), 而且全球变暖是人为的,而不是随意的自 然现象。 ? 在本句中,that从句是同位语从句,表示 doubt的内容。

? ? ? ? ?

①There is no doubt that this is what he wants. 毫无疑问,这就是他想要的。 ②There is no doubt that he will come on time. 他一定会准时来。 ③There's some doubt whether/if he is fit for the job. ? 他是否胜任这项工作有点疑问 ? ④There is no need for you to come if you don't want to. ? 如果你不想来,就不必来了。

? There is no chance that...??不可能 ? There is no doubt about...??是毫无疑问的 ? There is no question/possibility/reason that... 没有问题/可能/理由?? ? There is no need (for sb.)to do... ? 没必要(要某人)去做某事 ? There is no/some room for doubt that... ? (没)有怀疑??的余地

? We don't doubt ________ the people in Beichuan County will recover from the disaster soon and rebuild their homes better than before. ? A.that B.if ? C.what D.whether ? 解析:doubt用于否定句和疑问句时后跟 that从句。 ? 答案:A


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