高一英语基础课程 第一讲 主讲人:Lisa

MAIN CONTENTS ? Vacabulary ? Grammar

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Unit 1 Friendship
冲 啊!

PART ONE Vacabulary & Phrase
be good to be good for
对……友好 对……有益

be bad to be bad for

对……不好 对……不利


vi. 加;增加;加起来; vt. 增加;补充说;计算…总和 n. 加法,加法运算

add up

add up to 合计;总计

add to

Let's have a try The students in my class ____ fifty-four. A
A. add up to B. add to C. add up D. add in

More Examples: Add up your score and see how many points you can get. (add up) If we add these marks up, we'll get a total of 90. (add …up) Do you have anything to add to the list? (add A to B)

The bad weather added to the shipwrecked sailors’ difficulties. (add to)

Add fuel to the fire/flames 火上浇油

not…until/till 直到……才
We didn't get what we wanted until/till he stopped talking.

Ha Ha Ha!

Not until 位于句首,主 句要倒装 Not until we pointed out their mistake to them did they realize it.

get sth./sb. done 使……完成/使某人被……
You must get the work done by Friday. 你必须最迟在星期五以前把工作做完。

使役动词 ?
make; let; have; get ? make/have sth done ? let sth be done

calm vi.&vt. (使)平静;(使)镇静 adj. 平静的;镇静的;沉着的
Policemen are called to calm the situation. 警察被叫来平息局面。 calm down 平静下来

Probably the best thing Tom could do this week is to calm down. 也许汤姆这周能做的最正确的事 就是冷静下来。

concern vt. 涉及,关系到;使担心 n. 关系;关心;关心的事;忧虑
Her illness concerns her parents. (使担心) More than two students have been concerned in this affair. (牵涉到)
be concerned about 关心,关注 We are all concerned about his health. 我们都非常关心他的健康。

go through 经历;度过;获准,通过
Make a comparison suffer from 患……病;遭受 You should go through the legal formality. 你应该办理合法手续。 I often suffer from unaccountable headaches. 我常莫名其妙地头疼。

set down 记下;放下;登记

I will set down the story as it was told to me. 我要把这听来的故事原原 本本地记下来。

n. 惊奇; 奇观; 奇人; 奇迹 vi. 怀疑;想知道;惊讶 vt. 怀疑;惊奇;对……感到惊讶 adj. 奇妙的;非凡的 a wonder selfie stick I wonder if…我不知道是不是…… I wonder if I can raise this problem with you now. 我现在能否向您提及这问题。

on purpose 故意

by accident 偶然地

She seems to do these things on purpose. 她似乎是有意地做这些事。
purpose n. 目的;用途;意志

It is the first (second…) time that… (从句谓语动词用现在完成时) It is the first time that I have spoken in public. 这是我第一次在公共场合发言。

? It was the first time that … (后接过去完成时) It was the first time that she had lived independently. ? It will be the first time that … (后接现在完成时) It will be the first time that Beijing has held the Olympic Games. ? It is (high) time that sb. + 动词过去式/should do sth. 到了某人该做……的时间了 I thnk it is high time that the headmaster made up his mind.

It’s no pleasure doing… 做……没有乐趣 It’s no good/use doing sth. 做某事是没好处/没用的

It's no pleasure looking through these any longer. 观看这些已经不再是乐趣。

It is no + n. + doing sth. It 作形式主语,真正的主语是doing It's no use crying over spilt milk. 不要为打翻的牛奶哭泣。


She found it difficult to settle and calm down in the hiding place .



so…that/such…that 如此……以至于
I think each language is so fantastic that it attracts me deeply. 我认为每一种语言都是如此奇妙以至于 如此深地吸引我. Mike is such an honest man that we all believe him. 麦克是如此诚实的一个人,以至于大家 都相信他.

get tired of… 对……感到劳累、疲惫

He finally got tired of sitting in an office all day. 他终于对成天坐办公室 感到厌烦了。

get along with sb./sth. 与某人相处

Generally speaking, she is easy to get along with. 总的来说,她比较容易 相处。

make后接复合宾语,宾语补足语用不带to 的不定 式、形容词、过去分词、名词等。 常见的有以下几种形式: 1. make sb. do sth. 让 (使)某人做某事 2. make sb. /sth. +adj. 使某人/物…… 3. make sb./oneself +v.-ed 让某人/自己被…… 4. make sb.+n. 使某人成为……
He made his workers work 12 hours a day. 他让他的工人们每天工作12个小时。 When you speak, you should make yourself understood. 你说话的时候,应该尽量把自己的意思表达清楚。

PART TWO Grammar

含有状语从句的复合句中,若从句的主语是 it或与主句的主语相同,且在谓语中含有 be时,常省略从句的主语和be。 While( I was )walking alone in the street, I heard my name called. 我一个人走在街上的时候,听见有人叫我的名字。

as if引导的方式状语从句中的省略

如果as if 引导的从句是“主语+系动词”结构,可省 略主语和系动词,这样as if 后只剩下不定式、名词、 形容词(短语)、介词短语或分词。
She stood at the gate as if waiting for someone. 她站在门旁好像在等人。

She stood at the gate as if (she was) waiting for someone.


在同一句或联系紧密的对话里,常把不定式to后内容 相同的部分省略 , 保留 to 。如果不定式中含有 be, have, have been通常保留be, have和have been。
I asked him to see the film, but he didn't want to. 我叫他去看电影,但他不想去。

I asked him to see the film, but he didn't want to (see the film).

在I’m afraid,I think,I believe,I hope,I guess等 开头的作答句中,后面跟so 与not 分别用于肯定或 否定宾语时,宾语从句可省去。 — Do you think he will attend the meeting? — I guess not. — 你认为他会参加会议吗? — 我猜他不会参加。

在英语情景会话中,答语常常省略不会引起歧义的 主语、谓语或宾语部分,而只保留对方希望了解的 内容。在复合句或并列句中,也有省略主、谓、宾 的情况。

This is the book I want to read.

This is the book (which) I want to read.


Have a try

The sea was ________ at the beginning of our voyage. B But after a while a storm was coming. A. quiet B. calm C. silent D. still 解析: calm 为水面平静和心情平静; quiet 指环境 安静;silent无声;still静止不动。

Tom is able to lift the heavy box to the truck. He is full of ________. A A. strength B. force C. energy D. power

解析: strength 指人身体的力量; force 是物理学 方面的力; energy 是人的精力; power 是权力和 影响力。

She soon ________ herself and stopped crying. D A. got back B. renewed C. found D. recovered

解析:recover 恢复和康复;get back返回; renew更新;find发现。

These countries have ________ too many wars. B A. got through B. gone through C. looked through D. run through 解析:go through经历,经受,遭到;get through 到达,做完,通过,度过 ; look through从头看 完,透视,审核,查看;run through跑着穿过。

He asked us ________ we saw the lost cat or not. D A. that B. what C. which D. whether 解析:whether … or not结构。 注意:if不能和or not搭配。 They hurried into the room to see ________ with B their baby. A. what the matter was B. what was the matter C. what matter it was D. what matter was it 解析:What’s the matter? 属于特殊宾语从句,语序不变 。

I’m sorry to have broken your glasses. I mean I didn’t do it ________. B A. for pleasure B. on purpose C. in return D. indeed 解析:for pleasure 为了消遣;on purpose 故意地, 有意地;in return 作为报答;in deed 的确;真正地。 The soldiers saved a lot of people in that area. The people there are very ________ to them. C A. thank B. happy C. grateful D. grate

解析: be grateful to (sb.)感恩,感谢。

Tom is playing hide-and-seek. Do you know his ________ place? C A. hidden B. hide C. hiding D. hid
解 析 : hiding place=place for hiding 躲藏处,hiding这 里是动名词,作定语修饰 名词place。

掌握了吗? 准备下一关

课堂练习 汉译英:使用所给的提示将下列句子译成英语
1. 我们全班同学都很担心小汤姆。 (concerned) All the students in our class are concerned about little Tom.

2. 王海起床很早以便能赶上头班车。(in order to) Wang Hai got up early in order to catch the first bus.

3. 李平有记笔记的习惯。(diary) Li Ping has the habit of keeping a diary. 4. 我得把照相机拿去修理。( get sth. done) I’ll have to get my camera repaired.

5. 据说期末考试将要延期。(It is said that …)
It is said that the final exam will be put off.

Many teenagers envy those
envy /'envI/ n. 嫉妒;羡慕 vt. 嫉妒;羡慕 vi. 感到妒忌;显示出妒忌 glitter /'glIt?/ vi. 闪光;闪烁 n. 闪光;灿烂 glittering 在 这 里 是 现 在 分 词做定语,修饰名词career, 意思是“闪闪发光、光彩夺 目、令人羡慕的”

young actresses who are discovered
by famous directors and start

glittering careers in their early 20s.

Like Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi who
were discovered by Zhang Yimou,

the new lucky girl is 19-year-old Zhang

Yuqi from Shandong Province.
Chosen by Hong Kong comedy actor and director Stephen Chow, Zhang makes first her__1__film performance in Chow's new successful movie, CJ7 or A Hope.

comedy /'k?mIdI/ n. 喜剧;喜剧性 performance /p?'f?:m(?)ns/ n. 性能;绩效;表演; 执行;表现


was brought movie__2__ (bring )

to the

2. 被动语态
be brought to the screen 搬上银幕,放映 bring sth/sb to … 把某物/某人带到 … 3. 非限制性定语从句 garbage /'gɑ:bId?/ n. 垃圾; 脏东西 5. and 连接的是一个并列 句,discover…and give…

screen on January 31. In the sci-fi movie, Chow plays a who poor father, __3__works very hard to One support his 9-year-old son. __4__day, Chow discovers a strange "toy" in and the garbage __5__gives it to his son

as a birthday present. Soon the "toy"

device /dI'vaIs/ turns out to be a communication device n. 装置,设备 6. 副词修饰动词 , desperately lost by aliens, who__6__(desperate) want desperately的意思是“急切地”

it back. Zhang stars as his son's beautiful with teacher, __7__ whom Chow falls in love, 7. 非限制性定语从句 knowing 8. 现在分词作伴随状语 not__8__ (know) that she is a robot.

Although Zhang feels fortunate, as A an Hope has made her__9__ overnight star, the student at Shanghai Drama Academy has to learn to adapt to the competitive film world.

fortunate /'f?:t??n?t/ adj. 侥幸的,幸运的 competitive /k?mpet?tIv/ adj. 竞争的,比赛的 competitive 是形容词, competition是名词形式 compete是动词

“It's a good start, a good opportunity and a stressful challenge my as well for__10__ age,”Zhang said.
语法填空命题意图 考查考生在阅读理解的基础上对语法知识的掌握情况, 着重考查考生的语言综合运用能力。其考查点不仅涉及 句子的语法结构,还包括构词法、篇章连贯和意义对句 子结构的制约作用。

?必修一Unit1单词及短语 ?省略
状语从句的省略 动词不定式的省略 宾语从句的省略 对话及从句中的省略