1.(2014 安徽省合肥市高三第二次教学质量检测,26) The poet ______described the peaceful Rocky Mountain and the beautiful Mississippi River in his newly-published poetry. A. aggressively B. vividly C. desperately D. controversially

2.(2014 安徽省江南十校高三 3 月联考,31)With the word " PM2.5" ______ heard and seen in our life, people become more and more concerned about air pollution. A. constantly B. occasionally C. consequently D. contemporarily 3.(2014 安徽省江南十校高三 3 月联考,29)Mr. Zhang once taught in a remote village in Anhui province as a volunteer, which was ______ only on foot. A. acceptable B. accessible C. available D. appropriate

4.(2014 安徽省江南十校高三 3 月联考,24)— I watched the film you mentioned. Isn’t it cool? — ______. It can’t be ______. A. Exactly; worse B. Frankly; better C. Definitely; worse D. Absolutely; better 5.(2014 安徽省江南十校高三 3 月联考,22)It is reported that the United States consumes ______ energy as the whole of Africa. A. as four times B. four times much C. four times much as D. four times as much

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6.(2014 安徽省合肥市高三第一次教学质量检测,21)—Do you like Mary’s new hairstyle? — Perfect!How much _____ she looks with the curly short hair! A. well best B. good D. better C.

7. If you do it in this way, the work will be______. A. more easier 8.—Hi, David! B. much easier How was your trip to Beijing? C. easiest D. easy

—Wonderful. I have never had______in my life. A. a most exciting holiday C. the most excited holiday B. a more exciting holiday D. the more excited holiday

9. Nowadays the roles of teachers and students are not as______defined as before, especially when the New Curriculum Standards came into use. A. clear B. clearer C. clearly D. more clearly

10. —Do you need any help, Lucy? —Yes. The job is______I could do myself. A. less than B. more than C. no more than D. not more than

11. ______, we went to the nearest shop to buy some food and fruit and then had a good rest. A. Hungry and tiredly D. Hungrily and tired B. Hungry and tired C. Hungrily and tiredly

12. —In my opinion, his suggestion is______practical. —I can’t agree more. I don’t like it at all. A. not a little B. not a bit C. more or less D. anyway

13. To my happiness, my uncle bought me a ______ watch as my birthday present. A. fine gold small small gold B. gold fine small C. small fine gold D. fine

14. We Chinese are drinking ______milk per person today as we did in 1995.

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A. more than twice twice as much as

B. twice as much

C. twice as many as


15. Much to his surprise, he invited only twenty friends to the dinner, but ______ came. A. twice as many as twice more than B. as many as twice C. twice as many D.

16. The frightened thief hid himself in the dark corner of the yard, ______, staring at the open door. A. quiet and cold quietly and cold B. quietly and coldly C. quiet and coldly D.

17. —I want a room for 20 people to have a birthday party. —Unluckily there is no one______. A. qualified B. available C. standard D. permanent

18. When it was his turn to deliver his speech, ______, he walked towards the microphone. A. nervously and embarrassingly C. nervously and embarrassing B. nervous and embarrassedly D. nervous and embarrassed

19.The college examination is ______easier this year than I have expected. A. fairly B. quite C. rather D. very

20. It’s believed that the two accidents are______ related to each other. A. closely B. nearly C. exactly D. deeply

21. The UK is a (an) ______small country, but the climate varies a lot in different places. A. fairly B. such C. highly D. so

22. Why not get some work experience first______go straight on to university? A. or rather B. other than C. more than D. rather than

23. Although we have found some possible indications, they are_______very far from our eventual purpose. A. still B. even C. also D. thus

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24._______does she do anything important without asking her parents’ advice first. A. Usually B. Often C. Sometimes D. Seldom

25.There were_______people in the hall that you could hardly breathe! A. such many B. very many C. such a lot of D. so a lot of

26.—How do you feel about the football game? —Oh, it’s_______ exciting game I’ve ever watched. A. a most B. the most C. a more D. the much

27. Look at these two watches. Which one do you think is_______of them? A. cheaper B. a cheaper C. the cheaper D. the cheap

28. It is good to win but it is_______more important to enjoy the game. A. quite B. ever C. very D. far

29. I think we’ll have to get_______chairs. There are not enough for so many people. A. a few B. some few C. a little more D. some more

30. I must be getting fat—I can_______do my trousers up. A. fairly B. hardly C. nearly D. seldom

31.I lost my wallet last week, but_______it didn’t contain much money at that time. A. luckily B. hopefully C. gladly D. normally

32. —Do you think that the 11th Chinese National Games were a success? —Yes,_______! It couldn’t be_______. A. relatively; better D. fortunately; worse B. approximately; worse C. absolutely; better

33. I’m interested in a one-bed room. Do you have any_______? A. convenient B. available C. possible D. personal

34. We decided not to climb the mountains because it was raining_______.

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A. badly

B. hardly

C. strongly

D. heavily

35. In some countries, treatments for A (H1N1) flu were neither_______ nor effective, and many patients died because of infection. A. critical B. scientific C. necessary D. special

36. —Jane, I’ve bought a beautiful skirt for you. —It’s really beautiful, but it is_______ for me. A. too small a little too little small B. a little too small C. too a little small D. a

37. That old man was so_______ about everything that nobody could please him. A. unique B. special C. specific D. particular

38. Your job here is only_______, for you will be removed from it when we have a proper post for you. A. permanent B. compulsory C. temporary D. fundamental

39.—Believe it or not, I passed the driving test at the first attempt yesterday. —Great! But remember you can never be_______ careful when driving a car in the street. A. enough B. rather C. quite D. too

40. As their memories decline, some old people tend to be talkative because they_______forget what has just been said. A. anxiously B. particularly C. easily D. hardly

41. Our class_______all fond of singing English songs and we can sing_______than others. A. is; many more much more B. are; many more C. is; much more D. are;

42. Our bodies are strengthened by taking exercise. _______, our minds are developed by learning. A. Properly B. Likely C. Similarly D. Generally

43. —Jim, are you_______this Saturday?

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—Oh, sorry. I need to go to the bookshop_______the bank on Saturday. A. convenient; and D. available; as well as B. convenient; as well as C. available; with

44. After watching the movie Avatar, Mary lay in bed with her eyes_______open while all her family were_______asleep. A. widely; soundly sound B. wider; soundly C. widely; sound D. wide;

45. I was_______with my son about his carelessness, which_______the main cause of his failure in maths. A. annoyed; were annoyed; was B. amazed; was C. amazing; were D.

46. “Overall, export performance will be_______better, and it’s going to accelerate in the_______months.” said an economist in Hong Kong. A. more; coming to follow B. much; following C. little; to come D. much;

47. In my opinion, your composition is not as interesting as his but yours is_______in writing. A. the best organized as organized as B. better organized C. so organized as D.

48.(安徽省皖南八校 2013 届高三第二次联考,31)Peterson used to work in a remote mountain village school, which is only _____on foot. A. reliable B. accessible C. available D. convenient large as what it was.

49.(2013 安徽,33,1 分)It’s said that the power plant is now A. twice as B. as twice C. twice much

D. much twice

50. (2013 安徽, 30,1 分) David is dogs in the house. A. curious about B. allergic to

animal fur, so he won’t visit anyone who has cats or

C. satisfied with

D. fond of

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