模拟一 下列各句中均有一处错误, 请写出并改正。 1. There are many people are playing basketball there. ______ ______ 2. Could you tell me the different between the two books? ______ ______ 3. It was my grandpa’s eighty birthday yesterday. ______ ______ 4. Baby, it’s very lazy for you to sleep late every morning. ______ ______ 5. I wrote an 800-word’s composition yesterday. ______ ______ 6. The fish we caught is still living. ______ ______ 7. The Great Wall is one of the most famous building all over the world. ______ ______ 8. If Tom will study hard this term, he will catch up with his classmates. ______ ______ 模拟二 下列各句中均有一处错误, 请写出并改正。 1. A big earthquake happened in March 11th, 2011 in Japan. ______ ______ 2. Why not consider visit Shanghai? ______ ______ 3. It takes me half an hour to go to school by foot. ______ ______ 4. He swimming in the river now. ______ ______ 5. Could you please tell me where you live in? ______ ______ 6. I will call you as soon as I will arrive there. ______ ______ 7. The basket is full with apples. ______ ______ 8. Listen! I can hear birds sing in the tree. ______ ______ 模拟三 下列各句中均有一处错误, 请写出并改正。 1. What about go hiking this weekend? ______ ______ 2. What happened on the little girl? ______ ______ 3. I like traveling by a train. ______ ______ 4. Eating fruit and vegetables are good for health. ______ ______ 5. All of the two boys come from Australia. ______ ______ 6. We must know the important of protecting the environment. ______ ______ 7. She writes as careful as her sister. ______ ______ 8. He is many more outgoing than me. ______ ______ 模拟四 下列各句中均有一处错误, 请写出并改正。 1. The dictionary is my. ______ ______ 2. There is going to have a football match on Friday. ______ ______ 3. Could you please give me some advices? ______ ______ 4. They are woman doctors. ______ ______ 5. The boy wants to be a policeman when he will grow up. ______ ______ 6. She speaks English good. ______ ______ 7. It’s time for go to school. ______ ______ 8. The boy likes listening pop music. ______ ______ 模拟五 下列各句中均有一处错误, 请写出并改正。 1. He play sports every day. ______ ______ 2. The boy is interesting in science. ______ ______ 3. The funny joke made us laughing. ______ ______ 4. I’m tired. Let’s stop having a rest. ______ ______ 5. My friend is real friendly to me. ______ ______

6. Alice likes music that she can sing along to. 7. Do you know the man whom is standing under the tree? 8. Her heart is filled with pleasant. 模拟一

______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______

单词填写, 用括号内所给单词的正确形式填空。 1. He _______(borrow) a book from the library last week. 2. I overslept this morning, so I went to school without _______ (have) breakfast in a hurry. 3. The injured people were_______ (take) to hospital in time after the accident. 4. If there were more trees on the Earth, there would be _______ (little) pollution. 5. Soft music often makes us feel_______ (relax). 6. You’ll be much _______ (heavy) unless you eat less food and exercise more. 7. Excuse me, what’s the _______ (price) of these new shoes? 8. If you want to be fit, you have to eat _______ (healthy) and take more exercise. 模拟二 单词填写, 用括号内所给单词的正确形式填空。 1. I think the computer is one of the greatest_______ (invent). I can’t imagine life without it. 2. The volunteers have planted more than two _______ (thousand) trees along the river. 3. Lily didn’t have an e-bike, so I let her borrow_______ (my). 4. When the traffic light is red, you mustn’t walk_______ (cross) the road. 5. After three_______ (day) holiday, all the students came back to school. 6. As we know, India is an _______ (Asia) country. 7. More and more animals are becoming_______ (endanger). 8. My sister always _______ (brush) her teeth after meals. 模拟三 单词填写, 用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. I often hear him _______ (play) the violin in the next room. 2. Teachers’ Day comes in the _______ (nine) month of the year. 3. We all believe our monitor will be the _______ (win) of the English Speech Contest. 4. My father was _______ (wash) his car when I came back from school. 5. In China, people are _______ (suppose) to shake hands when they meet someone for the first time. 6. Jenny often _______ (wear) a white dress, because white is her favourite. 7. We must try our best to finish the task_______ (success). 8. I have learned English for_______ (near) 9 years and I’m very good at it. 模拟四 单词填写, 用括号内所给词的适当形式填空。 1. A large number of _______ (foreign) visit Ningxia Province these years. 2. The style of this skirt is popular, but I don’t like _______ (it) color. 3. _______ (lucky) I bought the last ticket for the World Cup. 4. My grandparents think that kids have too much_______ (free) these days. 5. When people get older, their short-term memory becomes _______ (bad). 6. Nothing can prevent us from _______ (realize)our dreams. 7. People will be extremely _______ (worry) when the nuclear(核能的) pollution takes place. 8. The dog’s bowl must _______ (clean) three times a day. 模拟五 单词填写, 用括号内所给词的适当形式填空。 1. Hainan Island is a _______ (wonder) place to spend winter holiday. 2. Tom is used to _______ (study) with his new friends in Shanghai. 3. Of all the workers, Anna talks _______ (little) but does most. 4. The teachers often talk to us about the _______ (important) of working hard.

5. The policeman asked the boys _______ (not play) football in the street and they left at once. 6. Mr. King likes _______ (collect) all kinds of animal stamps. 7. I have nothing to do; please give me_______ (anything) to read. 模拟六 单词填写, 用括号内所给单词的正确形式填空。 1. Our beautiful classroom_______ (clean) every day. 2. In order to improve Mary’s self-confidence, her teacher asked her to look at_______ (she) in a mirror every morning and say “I’m the best. ” 3. She was very_______ (happy) to fail the final exam. 4. Here are_______ (tomato) noodles. They smell good! 5. Trust him! He has no difficulty _______ (work) out the problem. 6. Cleaners clean the street every day. Their work is_______ (true)common. 7. More and more people all over the country are worried about food_______ (safe). 8. Windy does _______ (badly) in P. E. than me. 模拟七 单词填写, 用括号内所给单词的正确形式填空。 1. There are already twenty-seven on our list, and you are the_______ (twenty-eight). 2. As the captain of a soccer team, he thinks more of the other players than_______ (he). 3. Yao Ming is one of the most popular basketball_______ (play) around the world. 4. Don’t play games in the street, please. It’s very_______ (danger). 5. Li Xiang ran into a big tree and his leg was_______ (bad) hurt. 6. Because a large population will cause a lot of_______ (difficult) for our life, we must control it as quickly as possible. 7. You’d better avoid_______ (drive) in the centre of town so that we can get there on time. 8. Look! Someone_______ (sweep) the floor. How clean it is! 模拟八 单词填写, 用括号内所给单词的正确形式填空。 1. Russian was taught in the middle of the_______ (nineteen) century in China. 2. The sport is too hard, so there are few_______ (win) in the race. 3. Dick won the match. He thought that was one of the_______ (excite) moments in his life. 4. We must try our best so that we can finish the task_______ (success). 5. Maria is sending an e-mail to a friend of_______ (she) in England. 6. Oh, this is really a big store. Do you know when it_______ (build)? 7. A:Why were you absent this morning? B:I went to hospital. I remember_______ (tell) you about it. 8. I am worrying about you. You had better tell me the_______ (true) earlier. 模拟九 单词填写, 用括号内所给单词的正确形式填空。 1. The comedy cartoon is one of the _______ (funny) movies in the world. 2. —Did you get her_______ (invite) to the party? —Yes, I did. 3. The chair is too small for the man, so he feels_______ (comfortable) on it. 4. I think living in a city is _______ (difference) from living in the country. 5. (lucky), he was not badly hurt in the accident. 6. Nowadays many teenagers lose _______ (they) in computer games. 7. Because it _______ (snow) a lot, many planes couldn’t take off. 8. O’ Henry’s novels are very interesting. You won’t know the result until you finish _______ (read) the story. 模拟十 单词填写, 用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. We _______ (real) believe that you can get rid of your bad habits. 2. Our school radio station often plays _______ (relax) music before exams.

3. It’s very comfortable _______ (hang) out with your friends after dinner. 4. Cold is a kind of infectious(传染性的) _______ (ill). 5. China Daily is a_______ (nation) newspaper. 6. They have _______ (run) out of their time. 7. Many trucks are _______ (produce) in China. 8. We are all _______ (pride) of our country. 模拟一 1. I called Lucy three times yesterday, but there was no reply. (同义替换) A. visited B. phoned C. told 2. Mike goes to school on foot every day. (同义替换) A. rides to school B. walks to school C. has a walk after school 3. Her mother is sick, so she has to take care of her at home. (同义替换) A. look after B. check over C. look for 4. She got up early this morning so that she could catch the first bus. A. because B. in order to C. in order that 5. Hurry up! It’s 5 p. m. on the nose. (同义替换) A. on your nose B. exactly C. be quick 6. Lily practices playing _____ piano every day, however her brother often plays ______ basketball. A. the; the B. a; a C. the; 不填 7. Trees and flowers _____ every year to make our school more beautiful. A. plant B. are planted C. were planted 8. — _____ —Yes, a hamburger, a bag of chips and a Coke, please. A. Can I help you? B. Are you hungry? C. What would you like? 9. _____ you have visited the Great Wall, you can’t imagine how great it is. A. Because B. Although C. Unless 10. I think kids of 8 are old enough to dress _____ . A. them B. they C. themselves 11. Thames River goes _____ the city of London. A. across B. through C. down 12. Mary is tired of learning because she is _____ to do better than she can, both at school and at home. A. thought B. expected C. hoped 13. As a kind of important energy, coal(煤炭) can _____ one day. A. run out B. be run out C. run out of 14. —Hello, who can go to the Palace Museum with me tomorrow? —Oh, sorry. _____ Jim _____ I can go with you; we have to take a test tomorrow. A. Neither; nor B. Both; and C. Either; or 15. When the head teacher was walking past the window, she noticed two students _____ chess in class. She really got _____. A. playing; annoyed B. playing; annoying C. play; annoyed 16. —Do you have enough nurses to take care of the injured? —No, I think we need _____ nurses. A. another B. ten others C. ten more

17. —What’s wrong with the baby, doctor? — _____ . Just a slight cold. A. Something serious B. Serious something C. Nothing serious 18. I told him the result _____ he came back last night. A. so far B. as soon as C. as much as 19. My son _____ his father, because they are both cheerful. A. looks after B. takes after C. runs after 20. Which of the following signs can be seen on the door of a shopping mall?

模拟二 1. I found it very hard to finish the work in such a short time. (同义替换) A. difficult B. different C. bad 2. —Excuse me, which is the way to the library? —Sorry, I’m a stranger here. A. I like here B. I don’t like here C. I’m new here 3. There are lots of interesting books in our school library. (同义替换) A. a few B. some C. many 4. —Oh, sorry, John. I forgot to post your letter. —That’s all right. I’ll post it myself. (同义替换) A. Never think about it B. It doesn’t matter C. Don’t be sorry 5. —Dad, did you tell mother about our gifts for her birthday? —No. Don’t let the cat out of the bag. Let’s give her a surprise. A. give her a cat B. let her know C. take away the cat 6. —Do you know _____ girl in white? —Yes, she’s an attendant of _____ airplane company. A. the; a B. a; an C. the; an 7. How beautiful your song is! Could you sing another _____ ? A. one B. it C. this 8. This can’t be Lucy’s skirt. Look! _____ is on the clothes line. A. She B. Her C. Hers 9. By taking spaceships, man can _____ other stars that are far away from the earth. A. go B. land C. reach 10. —What language does your QQ friend speak? —She _____ speak English and a little Chinese, but now she _____ with me in Chinese. A. used to; is used to talk B. was used to; is used to talking C. used to; is used to talking

11. I come from Qufu City, which is famous _____ Confucius. A. of B. to C. for 12. _____ clear the Lijiang River is! A. How B. What C. What a 13. After a two-hour-long match, Li Na looked rather _____ . A. excited B. bored C. tired 14. —Do you think Brazil can beat France? — _____ . Brazil is my favorite soccer team. A. I hope not B. I’m sure it is C. I hope so 15. —Which is _____ , the Yangtze River or the Yellow River? —The Yangtze River, of course. A. long B. longer C. the longest 16. By the time my mum got home, I _____ my homework. A. have finished B. had finished C. finished 17. —Can you come to my party on Tuesday evening? — _____ But I’m busy studying for my test. A. Don’t mention it. B. I’d love to. C. That’s all right. 18. —Do you know _____ this hair band is? —Let me see. Oh, it must _____ Mary. A. who; belong to B. whose; belong to C. whose; be 19. The worker _____ Guo Mingyi has helped a number of poor college students. A. call B. calls C. called 20. —What did the teacher say to you just now? —She asked _____. A. where did I buy the dictionary B. where I bought the dictionary C. where do I buy the dictionary 模拟三 1. I visited my uncle in my hometown last Sunday. (同义替换) A. found B. helped C. went to see 2. Mr. Wang asked me to clean the blackboard at once. (同义替换) A. just now B. at last C. right away 3. We will enjoy ourselves during the three-week holiday. (同义替换) A. have a good time B. help ourselves C. look after ourselves 4. —Hello! May I speak to the headmaster? —Hold on, please. (同义替换) A. Speak out B. Wait a moment C. Call again 5. Come and join us. We are short of hands. (同义替换) A. We need help. B. We hurt our hands. C. Our hands are short. 6. The government of China has built _____ cheap and good houses for the people in the past two years. A. million B. millions C. millions of 7. —Excuse me, is this _____ bicycle? —No, it isn’t. _____ is over there under the tree. A. your; Mine B. my; Your C. her; Her 8. Chinese chess has a history of more than 2, 000 years. Today it still interests _____ the young _____ the old. A. both; and B. either; or C. neither; nor 9. —Which do you like _____ , pop music or classical music? —I prefer classical music. A. good B. better C. best 10. —Jim, I think you can _____ money by yourself to buy a small present for your friend.

—OK, mum. I’ll spend less money on junk food this week. A. pay B. save C. cost 11. — I feel very tired and thirsty. —Why not stop _____ some water? A. have B. to have C. having 12. Everyone can make great progress _____ he works hard. A. if B. unless C. when 13. —Peter wants to know if you will have the talent show on the square tomorrow. —Yes. But if it _____ we’ll have it in our classroom instead. A. will rain B. rained C. rains 14. — I consider buying her an iPad3 for her birthday. — _____ Tom brings the same present? A. If B. What C. What if 15. — I get along well with everyone in our group. —Really? Could you please tell me _____ ? A. how to do B. how to do that C. how can I do that 16. —Why did you come late again? —Because my alarm clock didn’t _____ this morning. A. go off B. go out C. go away 17. —We’re going to have a soccer match with Class 2 this afternoon. — _____. A. Thank you B. Good luck to you C. Not at all 18. — I wonder _____ . — I’m afraid we’ll be late. A. how we can be on time B. if we arrive at the meeting on time C. if we will arrive at the meeting on time 19. —Look, Jim is talking to his friend under the tree. —It _____ be him. He has _____ back to Canada. A. can’t; gone B. can’t; been C. mustn’t; gone 20. —Could you please show me another pair of shoes? — _____ . A. Yes, I could B. No, I couldn’t C. Sure. Here you are 模拟四 1. If you want to get healthier, you have to stop smoking and drinking. (同义替换) A. begin with B. give up C. build up 2. Luckily, we beat Japan 3∶ and entered the final game in the end. (同义替换) 2 A. at first B. at the beginning C. at last 3. To have a cup of milk before going to bed can help you fall asleep quickly. (同义替换) A. drink B. eat C. keep 4. —Wow, the blue skirt suits you fine. How beautiful you are! —Thank you. (同义替换) A. good B. well C. health 5. —This hair band is only for 1 yuan. —Great, I’ll take it. (同义替换) A. carry B. give C. buy 6. Wow, there _____ a big pool and many flowers in our new school. A. is B. are C. has 7. —Mr. King is very funny, isn’t he? — Yes, his words made me _____ many times.

A. laugh B. cry C. to laugh 8. Elephants eat _____ , but they can move _____ when necessary. A. noisy; silent B. noisily; silently C. noisily; silence 9. —Who is the lovely baby in the picture? —It’s you. The picture _____ 15 years ago. A. took B. is taken C. was taken 10. —It’s a little hot and humid today. Would you mind _____ the window? —Of course not. A. opening B. to open C. open 11. The number of the students in our school _____ about 3, 000 and a number of them _____ from the countryside. A. is; is B. is; are C. are; is 12. Jim never copies your homework, _____ ? A. does Jim B. doesn’t he C. does he 13. I can’t remember _____ I put my glasses. Could you help me find them? A. where B. how C. what 14. It is very important for the students, especially for the teenagers, _____ more than eight hours every night. A. sleep B. to sleep C. sleeping 15. _____ me your driving license, please. A. Show B. To show C. Showing 16. Don’t just wait for the tutors’ help. As a middle school student, you should learn to teach _____ . A. your B. you C. yourself 17. I’ll pay him as soon as he _____ the ice box to my home. A. sends B. sent C. is sending 18. The taxi driver _____ to Jinan many times, so he knows every corner of it. A. went B. will go C. has been 19. The low-carbon life will help the sky get much _____. A. high B. clean C. bluer 20. —Yesterday I won the first place in the 100-meter race. —Really? _____ ! A. Congratulations B. Never mind C. That is all right



《高中英语语法填空专项训练》 Test 2(P74)补充词汇
2014高考语文 选择题 词语填空 专题训练