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Unit 2 Extensive reading A Biography of Isaac Asimov 1The boy’s new electronic toy train was B_____ envy of his friends . A a B the C / D a / the 2 Preparations are being made for the A Olympic Games ___in Beijing in 2008 . A to be held B held C holding D to hold 3 All these gifts must be mailed immediately ___in time for Christmas . C A in order to have received B in order to receive C so as to be received D so as to be receiving 4 Was it during the Second World War ___he A died ? A that B while C in which D then 5 He made another wonderful discovery, A ____of great importance to science . A which I think is B which I think it is C which I think it D I think which is 6 Would you please tell me the way you B thought of _____difficulties ? A smoothing away B to smooth away C doing away with D to make your way to 7 Nick is looking for another job because he feels that nothing he does ____ B his boss . A serves B satisfies C promises D supports D we’re 8 All the preparations for the task ____, ready to start . A completed B complete C had been completed D have been completed Reading : 1 What’s the main idea of the text ? Introduction a famous American science fiction writer Issac Asimov’s life and works . 2 How many years did Issac Asimov work in store? D A5 B 9 C 11 D 13 3. Who was Issac Asimov? C A. An American scientist and writer who got his PhD in physics in 1948. B. An Russian scientist and writer who married twice. C. An Russian - American scientist and writer who became a full time writer in 1958. D. An American - Russian scientist and writer who had 2 children. 4. In which book did he develop a set of three laws? B A. The Foundation Trilogy B. I, Robot C. In his first novel D. In his first science book. 5. What was Asimov best known for? B A. His mystery stories. B. His science fiction stories. C. His science and history books. D. His books about the Bible and about Shakespeare. A 6. .All the followings are true except_____. A. Asimov?s talent for writing wasn?t obvious when he was young. B. He began having his stories published in science magazine in 1939. C. He published his first novel in 1950. D. He published his first science book in 1953. 7. What might happen in a world where there were robots if Asimov?s three laws didn?t exist? D A. Maybe robots will harm or injure human beings. B. Maybe robots will disobey human beings. C. In order to protect their own existence, robots may injure human beings. D. All of the above. 8 Why cou


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A biography of Isaac Asimov课件
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