1.test out 试验,考验 2.feel alarmed 感到担心 3.facial expression 面部表情 4.feel embarrassed 感到尴尬 5.It was ridiculous to …是荒诞的 6.show sympathy for 表达同情 7.his social position/status 他的社会地位 8.a pile of 一堆,大量,许多 9.be amazed by 对…感到吃惊 10.accompany sb. to … 陪某人到… 11.write out a list of items 写出物品的清单 12.ring up 打电话

1.turn around 2.have an affair with sb. 3.After all 4.expect sb. to do 5.fall off 6.manage to do 7.push sb. away 8.at that moment 9. declare that… 10.be impressed by 11.Whisper to sb. 12.be envied by 13.leave me alone 14.be pleased with sth.

转向,回转 有暧昧关系 毕竟 期待某人做 跌落,下降 设法做成 推开 在那时 宣布,宣称 对 ... 印象深刻 悄悄对某人说 被…嫉妒 让我一个人待着 对 ... 感到满意

He wished to test out the item before selling it. 他想在卖出此产品前先测试一下。 Alarmed by the noise, the birds flew away. 那声音把鸟吓飞了。 People began to feel alarmed about the disaster. 人们开始对灾难感到惊恐起来。 He is embarrassed by the mistake made by him. 他因为他犯的错而显得很尴尬(is embarrassed by)。 I felt much sympathy for the blind. 我对盲人深感同情。

I shall be glad to go, if you accompany me. 如果你能陪伴我,我乐意去。 He agreed to accompany us to the theater designed by him. 他答应陪我们去他设计的剧院。

Complete the sentences in the correct form of each given word.
1. As you have never been there before, I will have someone _________(show) you the way. show 2. He feels it dangerous for a girl to be out late at arriving night, so he won’t have his daughter _______ (arrive) home late. 3. The professor has an extraordinary way _______ to make (make) his class lively and interesting.

4. I can’t have you _______ going (go) everywhere and ________ doing (do) nothing all day. to tell (tell) you. 5. I have something important ______ go 6. Whom would you rather have ________ (go) with you, Jim or Jack? 7. Shut up! I won't have you speaking ________ (speak) to me like that.


Unit 2 Robots

Using Language

Reading, speaking and writing

A biography of Isaac Asimov

艾萨克· 阿西莫夫(1920-1992), 当代美国最著名的科幻大师、世界 顶尖级科幻小说作家, 他也是位文学评论家, 美国科幻小说黄金 时代的代表人物之一。他一生高产, 著述颇丰, 一生著述近 500本, 其中有100多部科幻小说, 早已远远超过了“著作等身” 的地步, 是本世纪最顶尖的科幻小说家之一。曾获代表科幻界

最高荣誉的雨果奖和星云终身成就「大师奖」, 以他的名字为
号召的「阿西莫夫科幻杂志」,是美国当今数一数二的科幻 文学重镇。他是一位生于俄罗斯的美籍犹太人, 作品极其丰富,

代表作有《我, 机器人》(I,Robot) 、《基地》系列、
《钢窟》(The Caves of Steel) 系列、《赤裸太阳》 (The Naked Sun) 等。

Glance through the passage and then find out the answers to such questions: 1.Which paragraph tells you when and where Asimov was born and died? 2. Which paragraph tells you about his education? 3. Which paragraph tells you about awards he received?

1.Which paragraph tells you when and where Asimov was born and died?
Para. 2 2. Which paragraph tells you about his education? Para. 3 3. Which paragraph tells you about awards he received? Para. 5

Read through the text and answers the following questions:
1. What subject did Asimov teach at Boston University? 1. When did he start having stories published?

2. How many children did he have?

1.What subject did Asimov teach at Boston University? He taught biochemistry. 2.When did he start having stories published? In 1939. 3. How many children did he have? Two children, a son and a daughter.

Complete the timeline of the events. Date Event 1920 born in Russia.
1922 1923 1929 1931

Sister born.

Moved with family to New York. _____________________________________________ Parents bought a candy store. Started working in the candy ____________________________________________ store. Mother had her third child.
Started to take himself seriously as a writer.






Began having stories published in science fiction magazines. ___________________________________ Gained Masters degree in chemistry. Finished working in candy store. Got married. ___________________


Worked as junior chemist, Philadelphia Navy Yard. ____________________________________ Got PhD in chemistry.



Became a biochemistry teacher, 1949 __________ Boston University School of Medicine. Published his first novel. 1950 Published “I, Robot”. ______________________________ Developed three laws for robots. 1951- Published “The Foundation Trilogy” 1953 and won an award for it.
__________ __________

1953 1958

Published first science book. Became a full-time writer.


Divorced his first wife.

Married for a second wife.



Had a blood transfusion. Became infected with HIV. Died in New York.



Isaac Asimov developed three laws for robots.
The first law was: “A robot must not injure humans or allow them to be injured”. In groups, discuss what the other two laws ?

Asimov’s Laws For Robots
First Law: A robot must not injure human beings or allow them to be injured. Second Law: A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings (as long as human being are not injured ). Third Law: A robot must protect its own existence (as long as human beings are not injured; and as long as the robot does not disobey the human beings).

他于1941年发表的作品《Runaround》中第一次明确 提出了著名的“阿西莫夫机器人三定律”, 即: 一、机器人不得伤害人类,或看到人类受到伤害而袖手旁观; 二、在不违反第一定律的前提下,机器人必须绝对服从人类 给与的任何命令;

三、在不违反第一定律和第二定律的前提下, 机器人必须尽力
保护自己。 以其名字命名的《阿西莫夫科幻小说》杂志, 至今仍然是


1. Which law is the story “Satisfaction
Guaranteed” based on?

2. What might happen in a world where
there were robots if Asimov’s three laws

did not exist?

Do T or F:


1. Isaac Asimov’s best known work was his mystery stories. science fiction stories

2. Asimov was born in America on 2
January, 1920. Russia 3. Asimov became a biochemistry teacher in 1949.

4. In 1931 Asimov’s talent for
writing became obvious.

F5. In 1950, he published his first
science book. 1953 6. “ The Foundation Trilogy ” consists of T 3 stories about death and rebirth of a great empire in a galaxy of the future. Robot, he developed a set of three

T7. In his collection of short stories, I,
“laws” for robots.

Choose the best answer:
1.How many years did Isaac Asimov work in the store? A. 5 B. 9 C. 11

D 13 D.

2. What was Asimov best known
for? A. His mystery stories.

B. B His science fiction stories. C. His science and history books.
D. His books about the Bible and about Shakespeare.

3. All the followings are true except____. A Asimov’s talent for writing wasn’t A. obvious when he was young. B. He began having his stories published in science fiction magazine in 1939. C. He published his first novel in 1950. D. He published his first science book in 1953.

4. Why could Isaac Asimov become
a writer ?

A. A friend of his made him a writer.
B. His parents wanted him to be a writer. C C. He had the talent for writing. D. He had so many experiences in his life.

5. In which book did he develop a set of three laws?
A. The Foundation Trilogy

B. I, Robot B
C. In his first novel

D. In his first science book.

6. Who was Isaac Asimov? A. An American scientist and writer who got his PhD in physics in 1948. B. A Russian scientist and writer who married twice. C. A Russian-American scientist and C writer who became a full-time writer in 1958. D. An American-Russian scientist and writer who had 2 children.


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