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Unit 2 A Biography of Isaac Asimov

艾萨克· 阿西莫夫(1920-1992), 当代美国最著名的科幻大师、世界 顶尖级科幻小说作家, 他也是位文学评论家, 美国科幻小说黄金 时代的代表人物之一。他一生高产, 著述颇丰, 一生著述近 500本, 其中有100多部科幻小说, 早已远远超过了“著作等身” 的地步, 是本世纪最顶尖的科幻小说家之一。曾获代表科幻界

最高荣誉的雨果奖和星云终身成就「大师奖」, 以他的名字为
号召的「阿西莫夫科幻杂志」,是美国当今数一数二的科幻 文学重镇。他是一位生于俄罗斯的美籍犹太人, 作品极其丰富,

代表作有《我, 机器人》(I, Robot) 、《基地》系列、
《钢窟》(The Caves of Steel) 系列、《赤裸太阳》 (The Naked Sun) 等。

他他于1941年发表的作品《Runaround》中第一次明确 提出了著名的“阿西莫夫机器人三定律”, 即: 一、机器人不得伤害人类,或看到人类受到伤害而袖手旁观; 二、在不违反第一定律的前提下,机器人必须绝对服从人类 给与的任何命令;

三、在不违反第一定律和第二定律的前提下, 机器人必须尽力
保护自己。 以其名字命名的《阿西莫夫科幻小说》杂志, 至今仍然是


Learning aims
? 1. To know something about “Isaac

Asimov ”. ? 2. To practice our listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. ? 3. To learn the spirit of Isaac Asimov.

Step I: Check your preview work

? 1.单词拼写: The weather in

influences the rice summer__________ crops(影响). ? 2.翻译: 1)她具有非凡的音乐天才。 She has a remarkable talent for music. ———————————————

Step II: Listen 0645to the tape and then answer the following questions.

1. Fast Reading What is the purpose of this passage?
To give us a brief introduction of Isaac Asimov
What happened to him in the following years?

2. Deep Reading :
? ? ? ?

Date 1920 1923



1929 1931 ____ writer. Began having stories published in 1939 _____________________________ science fiction magazines.

Event Born in Russia. Moved with family to New York ________________________. Parents bought a candy store. Started working in candy store ___________________________. Started to take himself seriously as a

? 1941 ____ ? ?

? ?

Gained Master’s degree in chemistry. 1942 Finished working in the candy Worked as junior chemist . store. 1942-1945 Philadelphia _________________________. NavyYard. ____ Got PhD in chemistry. 1948 ____ Became a biochemistry teacher, 1949 Boston University School of Medicine. 1950 Published his first novel.

1951-1953 Published “The Foundation Trilogy” and won an award for it. 1953 _____ Published first science book 1958 _____ Became a full-time writer. 1973 Divorced his first wife. 1983 _____ Had a blood transfusion. Died in New York 1992 _______________________.

1. Who was Isaac Asimov? C A. An American scientist and writer who got his PhD in physics in 1948. B. A Russian scientist and writer who married twice. C. A Russian—American writer and scientist who became a full—time writer in 1958. D. An American-Russian writer and scientist who had two children.

2. What was Asimov best known for? B
A. His mystery stories.

B. His science fiction stories.
C. His science and history books.

D. His books about the Bible and about

3. All the following statements are TRUE except _______. A A. Asimov’s talent for writing became obvious at age 12. B. He began having his stories published in science fiction magazines in 1939. C. He published his first novel in 1950. D. He published his first science book in 1953.

4. In which book did Asimov develop a set

of three “laws”? B. I, Robot.
C. In his first novel.


A. The Foundation Trilogy.

D. In his first science book.

5. What might happen in a world where there were robots if Asimov’s three laws didn’t exist? D A. Maybe robots will harm or injure human beings. B. Maybe robots will disobey human beings. C. In order to protect their own existence, robots may injure human beings. D. All of the above.

Step III: Read the passage aloud. If you still have any question, mark it and put it forward later. If not, do the following exercises to check yourself. 1)Translate the following sentence into Chinese. Asimov had both an extraordinary imagination that gave him the ability to explore future worlds and an amazing mind with which he searched for explanations of everything, in the present and the past. 阿西莫夫不仅有着超凡的想象力,使他能对 _________________________________________ _________________________________________ 未来世界进行探索,而且还有惊人的智力,使 _________________________________________


. 2)Which sentence in the passage can be replaced by the following? This really made Asimov surprised and from then on, he started to regard himself important and worth treating as a writer .

This really surprised Asimov and ——————————————— from that moment, he started to ——————————————— take himself seriously as a writer.


Step IV: Group activity

Step V: Check yourself It ____ was when ? 1 完成句子:1). ____ Asimov was eleven ______ when his talent
for writing became obvious. ? 2). This really surprised Asimov and from that moment, he started to ______ take himself seriously _______ as a writer. based _____ on the ? 3). It was loosely _______ fall of the Roman Empire but was about the future.

? 2. 单项填空:1) The winter of 1990 was
extremely bad. ______ D most people say it was the worst winter of their lives. A. At last B. In fact C. In a word D. As a result D a hero ? 2) The Italian boy was regarded _____ because he gave his life for his country. ? A. for B. with C. on D. as

? 3. 翻译:老师对学生有巨大的影响力.

A teacher has a great _______________________________ influence on his pupils. ————————————————

? Expressions: 1) have talents for

2) take … as ? 3) be based on ? Grammar: Attributive Clause ? Ability: Set Isaac Asimov as an example.


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