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U1 Reading
John Snow Defeats “King Cholera”

Our Aim
1) Learn some new words and expressions
attend sb expose…to severe face the challenge valuable clues absorb…into…

suspect sb/sth

be to blame

suspect sb/sth

make further investigations


remove the handle from the pump 2). Learn about the disease of cholera

announce with certainty

3). Have a good understanding of the passage
4). Know how to prove a new idea in scientific research 5). Learn how to protect ourselves from some infectious diseases

7 stages in setting out a new scientific idea. please put them in right order

find aa problem draw conclusion Make think a ofquestion a method

think ofresults a method collect
collect Make aresults question analyse the results find a problem
Find supporting evidence

analyze the results

Find supporting evidence draw a conclusion

An Outbreak of Cholera

Is cholera infectious? Yes, it is. What results does cholera cause to the people exposed to it? ? It causes severe vomiting(呕吐) and diarrhea(腹泻). ? A severe case can lead to death without immediate treatment.

Can cholera be defeated?
a famous doctor in London

…expert…attended her as her personal physician

Skimming Tip: in which paragraph/sentences
What’s the main idea of the passage?
A. The victims of cholera absorbed this disease into their bodies with meals. B. John Snow found evidence by investigations. C. The source of the water supplies was to blame. D. How John Snow defeated “King Cholera”.

What was the problem then?
The cholera was the deadly disease of its day. Neither its cause, nor its cure was understood. Many terrified people died in every outbreak.

Did John Snow want to face the challenge?

Interested in… Cholera multiplied in the air. A cloud of dangerous gas would float around until it found its victims . People absorbed it into their bodies with their meals. Which one is correct?


John Snow suspected the second idea was correct but needed evidence.
How to find evidence?


Collect information/results

What was the information gathered?

Partnear of Cholera many deaths the pump
no death Did he foresee this?

Map no death


It did seemed that the water from What he think? the pump was to blame.

What did he do after Analyse the results collecting the results?
1.What did he find after looking into the source of the water? …polluted…

2.What happened after the handle was removed?
…slowed down

Was there any supporting evidence?
A woman and her daughter who lived far away but drank the water also died.

draw a conclusion with certainty What was the original source of cholera? A. The spreading of virus among people. B. The polluted water carrying the virus.
with certainty?

What did he suggest?
The source of all the water supplies be examined. The water companies were instructed not to expose people to polluted water any more.

Para 1 Para 2

Find a problem
Make a question Think of a method

Para 3
Para 4 Para 5 Para 6 Para 7

Collect results Analyse the results
Find supporting evidence

Draw a conclusion Make suggestions

Summary: fill in the blanks
John Snow was a famous doctor who attended ______ cause of Queen Victoria. He wanted to find the ______ defeat it. In 1854 another cholera in order to ______ outbreak ______ hit London and he began to gather information. He marked _____ on a map where all the dead people had lived and he found that many people who had drunk the dirty water from the concluded that the polluted ______ pump died. So he ________ water carried cholera. He suggested that the _____ _______ and water source of all water supplies be examined expose people to instructed not to _____ companies were________ polluted water any more. Finally, “King Cholera” was defeated.


Discuss in groups: What should ordinary people do to protect themselves from cholera or similar disease?

1. Read the passage twice 2. Workbook P75-77



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