Module 2 My New Teachers optimistic, pessimistic, friendly, outgoing, brave, mean, generous, kind-hearted, smart… Use some of the words to describe people you know My father is lively and energetic, but he is not very patient. What kind of teachers would you like to have? Tick the statements about good teachers that you agree with on page 11 What impressions do they give you? (use some adjs.) Scanning: Find out what aspects (方面) the passage describe when the authors introduce the 3 teachers. appearance, personality, teaching style Careful-reading: Name Subject Characters Teaching How much liked features by the students nervous, shy explains fast ss: a bit slowly Li English kind, patient gram clearlyfor me: wonderful, smiles a lot encourage a making progress lot Chen physics strict, serious,so well doesn't smile organized and clear some don’t like her most appreciate her I will do well with her talks loudly Wu Chinese got so much energy, humorous and fast, tell jokes, wave a lot everyone loves him I respect him 1. impression n. 印象,感想 the impression of sb. / sth. 对某人或某物的印象 the impression of … 怎样的印象 (of 后跟印象具体内容) make/have/leave a strong/deep/big … impression on sb. 给某人留下深刻印象 What were your first impressions of No.2 Senior High? 你对二中的第一印象是什么? She gives the impression of being very busy. 她给人的印象总是非常忙。 His trip to Russia made a strong impression on him. 他的俄罗斯之行对他的触动很大。 My words made no impression on him. 我的话对他丝毫没有作用。 2. avoid vt. 避免,防止 avoid doing sth. / n. 避免干某事,避免某物 I can’t avoid seeing her. 我总免不了要见她。 Try to avoid danger. 尽力避免危险。 He kept avoiding my eyes. 他总是躲避我的目光。 He kept avoiding looking at me. 3. She goes a bit too slowly… go 走,进行,在这特指“讲课”。 4. I’d guess that Mrs. Chen is almost sixty. I would imagine, say, think, guess that…(used to give opinions that you are not sure about.) e.g I would imagine the job will take about 2 days. 我猜这工作大概需要两天左右时间吧! I’d say he was about 50. 我猜她五十岁上下。 5. keep doing sth. 一直不断做某事 keep sb. doing sth. 让某人一直不断做某事 keep on doing sth. 接连…反复…继续 keep sb. from doing sth. 阻止某人做某事 He kept standing there for 2 hours without moving. Don’t keep the boy standing outside. 注:keep doing 表示 He kept on standing in the meeting. 状态、动作的持续; keep on doing 表 We keep the students from smoking. 示动作的反复。 6. appreciate vt. ①感激:appreciate sb / sth / doing I really appreciate Mr Wu. I really appreciate Mr Wu’s help. I really appreciate being treated as a son of Mr Wu. sb. will appreciate it if… 如果…的话,某人会很感激。 I will appreci


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