高中英语必修三 Book 3

Book 3- Unit 2 课后作业


必修三 Unit 2 课后作业 Ⅰ.单项填空 1.—Does coffee really work when you have to work late into night? —Yes. As far as I’m concerned,I feel very________after a coffee. A.energetic B.normal C.adequate D.sensitive 2.If he________quietly as the doctor instructed,he would not suffer so much now. A.lies B.lay C.had lain D.should lie 3.—You are very fond of eating barbecued mutton kebabs. —Yes.Personally,nothing can be________.Would you like one? A.good B.well C.better D.best 4.As we all know,no one is perfect,and everyone has his own________. A.mistake B.weakness C.limit D.belief 5.Mr.Smith________his living by teaching ten years ago and he________greatly from his work. A.earned;earned B.earned;gained C.gained;gained D.gained;earned 6.The student_____from the training so much that he was_____the first prize in the event.
A.benefited;benefited B.awarded;awarded C.awarded;benefited D.benefited;awarded

7.—Hello!May I speak to Jack,please? —Yes,speaking. —Oh,I________your voice at first.
A.don't recognise B.didn't recognise C.hadn't recognised D.haven't recognised

8.There is no possibility______he will keep his word. He is always telling lies. A.how B.whether C.when D.that 9.If you just spend time ______advantages and disadvantages,you may get nothing in the end. A.matching B.balancing C.observing D.examining 10.—Why don’t we hold a party to celebrate the achievements gained by our Olympic players? —________ A.Because we haven’t got enough preparations. B.Good idea! C.It’s all because of the terrible weather. D.Not all would like to attend it. Ⅱ.完形填空 I live in New Mexico,and there are some homeless people in the downtown,especially the university area.I__1__give a lot of money to the homeless,__2__sorry for their hardship.__3__as time passed,I__4__the same situations as the homeless people. I became a__5__mom with no home, a huge debt, __6__any income.As a result, became very__7__and stopped giving to the and I people on the side of the road. Through my working hard,things started to__8__for me. I became responsible enough to__9__a home with a backyard for my daughter, plenty of__10__, I started to pull myself and and out of__11__.One day we saw a homeless person in the street,I just passed by.Then my daughter said, “Mommy, used to give money to those people__12__.But now...”I replied, you “Honey, they just use that money for bad things.”She didn’t__13__.But when I said that,I didn’t feel right. Three days later, I was driving to pick up my daughter from school. A man was standing on the__14__and suddenly something deep__15__me said,“Just help the guy.”So I rolled down my__16__,and he ran over with enthusiasm. He said,“God bless you, I only need 77 cents.”I gave him the money he needed. I felt strange and __17__as I gave it to him. He burst out with__18__and tears in his eyes, “Wow,you just made it possible for me to see my mom for Christmas!Thank you so much!I haven’t__19__my mother for three years. The bus is leaving in 20 minutes! I have to go now.” It was the moment that I’ll never forget. I think that man won’t forget it either, but I was the one who got the best gift in life—__20__. It also strikes me although it is only 77 cents. 1.A.would like to B.used to C.preferred to D.wanted to 2.A.being B.getting C.feeling D.becoming 3.A.But B.So C.And D.Yet

Book 3- Unit 2 课后作业


4.A.ran into 5.A.rich 6.A.little 7.A.unkind 8.A.develop 9.A.give 10.A.money 11.A.order 12.A.in need 13.A.listen 14.A.street 15.A.under 16.A.window 17.A.excited 18.A.laughter 19.A.watched 20.A.giving Ⅲ.阅读理解

B.ran down C.ran over D.ran to B.single C.wild D.happy B.no C.almost D.hardly B.rude C.kind D.mean B.increase C.succeed D.change B.offer C.have D.supply B.furniture C.food D.water B.debt C.pay D.fee B.in difficulties C.out of work D.out of order B.speak C.talk D.respond B.corner C.side D.road B.to C.inside D.towards B.door C.seat D.hand B.wondered C.surprised D.asked B.Cry C.happiness D.joy B.visited C.missed D.called B.offering C.money D.having

A Weighing too much can damage your health,and obesity is a growing problem for both kids and adults around the world. Sleep might be one answer to the problem. A new study has found that elementary school students who slept too little were more likely to gain pounds. In the United States today, some 9 million children over the age of 6 are obese(too fat). Past studies have shown a link between sleeping less and weighing more,but scientists have had a tough time determining“Which came first, chicken or the egg?” says Julie C. Lumeng the of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. In other words, hasn’t been clear whether kids who it weigh too much have trouble sleeping, or whether sleeping less leads to weight gain. Both scenarios(情况)seemed equally possible. To get a better idea of which causes which, Lumeng and his colleagues interviewed the parents of 785 third graders from around the United States. The parents answered questions about how well their kids slept that year. Three years later, the parents answered the same questions. By sixth grade,18 percent of kids involved in the study were obese. The scientists found no relationship between weight and the students’ race or gender. It also didn’t matter how strict their parents were. Obesity struck all of these groups equally. Instead,sleep seemed to be the key factor. Over the 3 years of the study, the children averaged a healthy 9.5 hours of sleep a night. Some kids, however,slept a lot more—or less—than others. For the sixth graders, every hour of sleep above the 9.5? hour average was linked to a 20 percent lower risk of being obese. Sleep appeared doubly important for the third graders. Every extra hour of sleep they got was linked to a 40 percent drop in obesity by third grade. “I expected we’d find that this(sleep link with obesity) was just a_bunch_of_bunk,”says Lumeng,a pediatrician. But their findings were convincing. No matter how her team looked at the link,“we couldn’t make it go away.” 1.According to the research,________. A.9 million people in America have a weight problem B.not enough sleep contributes to a gain in weight C.sixth graders need more sleep than third graders D.lack of sleep has become the most deadly killer 2.The statement “Which came first,the chicken or the egg?” suggests that________. A.scientists are sure about the causes of children’s obesity B.it’s easy to decide the cause and effect of this problem C.scientists are still confused about the cause and effect of the problem

Book 3- Unit 2 课后作业


D.you’ll develop obesity if you eat chicken and eggs 3.Recent studies show that a child’s weight is influenced by the________. A.amount of sleep B.parents’ attitude to him C.race or gender D.performance in school 4.The underlined part in the last paragraph most probably means something________. A.acceptable B.understandable C.reliable D.unreasonable B Doomed beauties such as Cleopata and Manilyn Monroe were far from alone in their misery. Very attractive people tend to form partnerships that are less stable and satisfying than those enjoyed by plain_Janes . According to the research by Dr John Blaine of the University of Southern California, relationships between people whose professions largely depend on their appearance, such as models or actors, tend to end much faster than those between lawyers, doctors and students. Blaine said the beautiful felt different from children. They are treated as special, which may create both arrogance (傲慢)and insecurity. All too often, beauty can be used as an alternative to education. Often they are pushed out of their class or town, told to go off and make their fortune in Hollywood or London and, when the majority fail, they have few talents to make a living. Blaine added that beautiful people score poorly on the “big five”—the key factors American experts consider when helping distressed couples. These are neuroticism(神经过敏), including anger and anxiety; extroversion(性格外向); openness to new experiences; agreeableness; conscientiousness, and sticking by agreements they have made. Attractive people often see no reason to try to change until their looks start to fade. Krista Sutherlanf, of the University of California Los Angeles, said partnerships that appeared to be perfect from the outside, such as the former “dream teams” of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise or Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley, where backgrounds and aspirations(抱负) are often shared ,did not necessarily lead to happiness. 【解题导语】 本文为议论文,作者论证了这样一个观点:美女并不幸福。 5.What can we infer from the first sentence of the passage? A.Beautiful women always felt lonely. B.Beautiful women were always alone. C.Many beautiful women didn’t end up with a happy life. D.Beautiful women always lived a happy life. 6.The underlined phrase “plain Janes” in the passage refers to“________”. A.ordinary? looking women B.women called Jane C.common people D.attractive women 7.We can infer from the passage that________. A.Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley were a couple B.Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise were very satisfied with their life C.when they fail in Hollywood, the beautiful have little trouble in making a living D.the marriage of the beautiful often lasts long 8.Which of the following is the best title? A.Five key factors affecting the partnership B.Beauties are doomed to fail in love C.Beautiful or common? D.The beauties are different Keys: Ⅰ.单项填空
1.解析:选 A。考查形容词辨析。energetic 精力充沛的。句意:“当你不得不工作到深夜时,咖啡真的管 用吗?”“是的。就我个人而言,喝完一杯咖啡后,我会感到精力充沛。”normal 正常的;adequate 足够的; 充分的;sensitive 敏感的;灵敏的。 2.解析:选 C。考查错综时间虚拟语气。根据语境可知 if 虚拟条件句是对过去的虚拟,故条件句应用过去 完成时;主句是对现在的虚拟。句意:如果他按照医生的要求静静地躺着,现在就不会那么受罪。 3.解析:选 C。考查比较级。nothing can be better 再也没有比这更好的了。否定词与比较级连用时,表示 最高级含义。 4.解析:选 B。句意:我们都知道人无完人,每个人都有自己的不足。mistake 错误;weakness 弱点;短处; limit 有限;belief 信仰。根据句意选 B。 5.解析:选 B。earn one’s living 谋生;gain 在这里是不及物动词,赢得;获得。句意:十年前史密斯先 生通过教书谋生,他从工作中收获颇多。

Book 3- Unit 2 课后作业


6.解析:选 D。benefit from 从??中获益;be awarded the first prize 被授予一等奖。 7.解析:选 B。听不出对方的声音应是刚才发生的事,现在当然已听出是谁的声音了,所以 A、D 两项是 错误的;另外,C 项是过去完成时,因为没有一个表示“过去”的时间参照,所以不具备用过去完成时的条 件,应排除。 8.解析:选 D。that 引导 possibility 的同位语从句,且 that 一般不省略。 9.解析:选 B。balance advantages and disadvantages 意为“权衡利弊”。 10 解析:选 B。Why don’t you/we do sth.?表示给某人提建议,所以选项 B 表示同意别人的提议符合句意。 Ⅱ.完形填空 1.解析:选 B。第二段中“Mommy,you used to give money to those people...”一句 暗示“我”以前总是帮助穷人。 2.解析:选 C。feeling sorry for their hardship 为现在分词短语作状语,表示原因。“由于我同情那些无家可 归的人,我总是帮助他们。” 3.解析:选 A。由下文可知,随着时间的推移,“我”的处境也和他们一样窘迫,因此前后句之间为转折 关系,空白处应填 But。 4.解析:选 A。run into“沦落到,进入”;run down“撞倒,撞沉,走下坡路,垮掉”;run over“撞倒, 撞翻并轧过”;run to“驱车(送某人)去,跑向”。后面的宾语是 the same situations,因此应填 run into。 5.解析:选 B。作者变成了一位 single mother“单身母亲”,与下文她没有住房、负债累累、几乎没有收入 的境况相呼应。 6.解析:选 D。hardly“几乎没有,几乎不”,表示否定,符合语境。 7.解析:选 D。mean“吝啬的,自私的”,下句说“我”不再给那些在路边等待的穷人以帮助,说明“我” 变成一个吝啬的人了。 8.解析:选 D。下句的“a home with a backyard for my daughter,and plenty of...”说明我的处境有所好转, 事情有了变化(change)。 9.解析:选 C。have“有,拥有”。“我”拥有一个带后院的房子。 10.解析:选 C。既然“我”有了家,也应该是有了充足的食物(food)。 11.解析:选 B。上段谈到 a huge debt,而现在“我”还清了债务(debt)。 12. 解析: A。 need“在危难中, 选 in 贫穷”。 前文的“the homeless people”暗示此处选 A。 people in need“需 要帮助的人,穷人”。 13.解析:选 D。respond“回答,响应”,与 reply 同义。女儿没有回答,说明她不同意妈妈的说法。 14.解析:选 B。on the corner“在角落,在转角处”。下文的“he ran over with enthusiasm”(他赶紧跑过来) 说明他当时不在马路上(street)或路边(side)。上文“One day we saw a homeless person in the street” 部分暗示 应排除 road。 15.解析:选 C。inside“内心的,内部的,里面的”。此处指“我”内心涌出一种帮助他人的欲望。 16.解析:选 A。前文的“I was driving to pick up my daughter from school”可判断作者此时是在车上,因此 她此时是摇下车窗(window)。 17.解析:选 C。在我给他钱的时候,我感觉非常奇怪。介词 and 表示并列,因此该词应与 strange 近义, 故选 C。 18.解析:选 D。从下文得知,他三年没有回家看妈妈了,因此现在有了路费可以回家了,他非常高兴(joy), 激动得热泪盈眶。 19.解析:选 B。宾语是 my mother,应填 visit,表示“看望,探望”。 20.解析:选 A。giving“给予”,本文讲述的是“我”帮助别人的故事。 Ⅲ.阅读理解 Passage A 1.解析:选 B。考查细节理解。本文阐述了睡眠与青少年肥胖之间的关系。第二段说,一项新研究发现,睡 眠太少的小学生更容易发胖,美国有 900 万 6 岁以上的孩子患肥胖症。从文章的叙述判断选 B。 2.解析:选 C。考查推理判断。第三段画线句子后面又说“换句话说,究竟是发胖的孩子有睡眠问题,还 是睡眠减少导致了体重的增加, 这还不清楚。”也就是说, 发胖与睡眠减少这两者哪个是原因, 哪个是结果, 科学家们也还不知道。 3.解析:选 A。考查推理判断。第三段说,以往的研究表明睡眠不足与发胖有联系,但科学家不知道哪个 是原因,哪个是结果;第五段开头提到研究的结论:睡眠似乎是主要因素。也就是说该研究表明,孩子的体 重受睡眠时间长短的影响。 4.解析:选 D。考查词义猜测。后文说“但他们的研究结论却很有说服力。”由此可推知,画线部分的含 义应该是 D;他们本来希望这种说法是错误的,可是研究结论却让人不得不相信睡眠和肥胖有关。 Passage B 5.解析:选 C。考查推理判断。第一段说漂亮的人,其 partnership 往往不如普通人 的稳定和让人满意,由此判断,文章开头说“克莱奥帕特拉和玛丽莲· 梦露等美女的悲惨命运绝非个例”意 在表明“很多美女的生活都不幸福”。 6.解析:选 A。考查词义猜测题。从语境看,画线部分的 plain Janes 指与前面提到的美女相对的、相貌平 常的女性,因此选 A。 7.解析:选 A。考查推理判断。最后一段说,外界看上去很完美的关系,比如??未必最终有幸福的结局。 再结合上文论述可判断 Hugh Grant 和 Elizabeth Hurley 是夫妻关系,故选 A,其他选项都与文章内容不符。 8.解析:选 B。考查主旨大意。文章主要论述了美女命运多舛的观点,并分析了其中的原因,故 B 项最适

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