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Unit 2 A Biography of Isaac Asimov

He opposed the Qing government. He came up with his three principles:the principle of people’s rights, people’s livelihood and nationalism.
Sun Yat-sen

She is a famous chemist and physicist and the first person to win two Nobel Prizes for her work on radioactivity and her discovery of polonium and radium.
Marie Curie

He is one of the greatest scientists of the century in the world. He put forward the theories of relativity.
Albert Einstein

He was an American scientist and writer. His famous works are “ The Foundation Trilogy ” and “I, Robot”

Isaac Asimov

I. Read the whole passage quickly, please match the parts with the main idea.

para.1 para. 2-3 Para. 4-5

Para. 6

A. the experience of Asimov’s life B. the general introduction to Asimov C. the brief introduction to his marriage D. Asimov’s experience and achievements as a writer

II. Listen to the tape about the first paragraph. Then answer the questions:
1. How many books did Asimov write?
480 books

2. Why could he make such achievements?
He had extraordinary imagination and an amazing mind

III. Read the paragraphs 2 -- 3 carefully, and fill in the chart. 1920
Born in Russia

1929 19421945

Moved with family to New York.

Started working in his parents’ candy store.

Worked as a junior chemist at the Philadelphia Navy Yard.
Got PhD in chemistry
Became a biochemistry teacher, Boston University School of Medicine

1949 1958

Became a full-time writer.

IV.Read the fourth and the fifth paragraphs loudly. Then do the following multiple choices.

1. How old was he when he published his first novel?( C ) A. 28 B. 29 C. 30 D. 35 2. Asimove received many awards for _____ D A. mystery stories B. History books C. the Bible books D. science fiction books and science books 3. Some of his ideas about robots later influenced other______. D A. artists B. chemists C. physicists D. writers

V. Please find out the sentence which has a

similar meaning to the following sentence.

In his teens, Asimov’s gift for writing began to stand out.
It was when Asimov was eleven years old that his talent for writing became obvious.

V. Read the whole text again and fill in the following blanks. Isaac Asimov was an ________scientist and American writer. He was born in ______in 1920 and he Russia died three he moved ______ in 1992. When he was____, New York At nine, he worked in with his parents to______. candy store From 1942 to 1945, he his parents’_______. junior chemist at a university. In 1949, worked as a __________ he became a biochemistry _______ teacher at another novel university. In 1950, he published his first_____. writer In 1958, he became a full-time_____. In his life, Asimov received many______. awards His most two famous works were The foundation Trilogy I, Robot “______________”and “_______”.

VI. Please discuss with your partner according to the following questions.

1.Do you want to be a person like Asimov? 2.If so, What do you want to be? (Artist, writer,musician, scientist…) 3. If you become a great person, what will you do for the society?

Please write a similar biography of a writer. For example, Lu Xun, Ba Jin and so on.


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